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Mayhem Monday: Slowing down and Speeding up

We are just under 3 weeks until Christmas and I totally thought I was on the ball with everything but as it turns out….I will still have to brave the mall to pick up a couple more things (totally forgot teacher gifts for my oldest to give next week, ack!!) Thankfully, the spirit of giving minimally is making it much easier to get my shopping done quickly and relatively painlessly.

This past week, we dealt with more illness as my 4 year old got hit with an ear infection following a week of coughs, sniffles and plugged ears. It broke my heart that he was in so much pain and there wasn’t anything I could do for him. Thankfully, his doctor is almost always able to squeeze us in and within a day, he was pain free. Though I didn’t like that he was sick, the fact that it forced us to slow down a bit and stay home was actually a nice change. We’ve been on the move so much these past few weeks with various appointments and school and I’ve been out at night that this brief moment of stoppage was welcome. I was starting to feel burnt out.

Just me?
Just me?

I did my 3 MAF heart rate workouts and had one great one, one good one and one craptastic one. I’m not sure what it is about the last one of the week but it always stinks regardless of whether I do it on Friday or Saturday. Either way, I got them done. I should be doing my monthly MAF test this week or next but I’ve decided to wait until the New Year to start fresh, and to better track everything. I started out training with the treadmill on incline to just walk because running was impossible as my heart rate would jump right over my aerobic maximum. After about 3 weeks, I was finding that I still couldn’t run for that same reason but that I was having trouble keeping up with the speed walking to keep my heart rate as close to 140 (my max) as possible. I ended up lowering the incline to what I would normally have it set at to run and that seems to work much better for me. I want to be as consistent as possible to best be able to tell if I’m progressing properly.

Yay for brief moments of running!
Yay for brief moments of running!
Holy peaks and valleys Batman!
Holy peaks and valleys Batman!
The Loop don't lie!
The Loop don’t lie!

I also completed week 3 of my training phase at the warehouse and saw gains everywhere except with my form on pushups and TRX. I’m determined to make the adjustments there and will need to figure out how I can get myself into the right form to accomplish this.

I also dominated food prep. Steel cut oats, quinoa salad, veggies washed, cut and prepped, potatoes fried and baked, chickpea tuna salad ready to be devoured etc. I was pretty much amazing :)


This week will be more of the same, 3 runs, 2 workouts. I want to start adding in something on the weekend because the MAF training doesn’t give me the same stress relief as my training sessions at the gym do and the stretch from Thursday to Tuesday is really hard on me emotionally because the stress just compounds with no relief. I’d love to add a third training day at the gym but it’s not in the budget (perhaps a good birthday/Christmas gift? Pretty please???). Otherwise, if the pool ever reopens near us, I may try to add in a day of swimming. I know you’ve missed my amazing swim cap selfies. I’ve missed giving them to you as well.

Have a great week everyone!

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