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Chocolate Mint Smoothie Guaranteed to make you feel Festive

With the holidays among us, I’m seeing those lovely red cups from Starbucks and Christmas themed Tim Horton’s cups everywhere. Mostly in my own hand. As much as I love the holiday drinks, I’m less of a fan of what they do to my wallet. Namely…emptying it. Not to mention the absolute waste of calories… Continue Reading

The Best Cauliflower Soup I’ve EVER Made

It may not look like much but this was seriously the most amazing soup I’ve made in a looooooooong time! Cauliflower is always cheap in the fall and since I’m cheap…you can see the attraction. The problem is, I’m not a fan of raw cauliflower unless it’s dripping with dip, which isn’t the most ideal… Continue Reading

When Good Date Nights Go Bad

I don’t talk too much about my family/friends here. Most of my IRL don’t “get” blogging and I’d never post pictures or things like that without permission. It also sounds a bit odd to say “do you mind if I blog about your misfortune/funny story/adventure?” Not too cool. I have so few friends to begin… Continue Reading

Mayhem Monday: Gradually returning to running

Happy Monday everyone! We are now into November. What?    WHAT???? I know. How did that happen, right? Aside from my kids giving us no extra hour of sleep on Sunday, it was business as usual at the homestead. Here’s how my food prep shaped up for the week. It’s actually pretty minimal as we’ll be… Continue Reading

Mayhem Monday: The Post-Rest Week Edition

Well I stayed true to my intent to take is easy last week. It wasn’t entirely out of choice but it happened none-the-less. I had a conference off-site all day Thursday (I got to watch a video of cataract surgery that was both awesome and gave me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies) and was… Continue Reading