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Dear Santa: I’ve written my list, I’ve checked it twice

The time has come for me to post my ultimate Christmas/Birthday wish list in hopes that my hubby will take note and shower me with love and gear. Last year, I struck out completely but I’m hopeful this year. And by hopeful, I mean delusional. I figure with my birthday coming up on the 17th,… Continue Reading

Chocolate Mint Smoothie Guaranteed to make you feel Festive

With the holidays among us, I’m seeing those lovely red cups from Starbucks and Christmas themed Tim Horton’s cups everywhere. Mostly in my own hand. As much as I love the holiday drinks, I’m less of a fan of what they do to my wallet. Namely…emptying it. Not to mention the absolute waste of calories… Continue Reading

Scenes from the Week

Popchips on sale!! FINALLY finding my favorite chocolate chips at my local store. No more special trips. These little dudes are vegan and taste even better than regular chipits. And some fruit based icing sugar. I’ve never used it but am definitely intrigued if it works just as well as regular icing sugar. Any thoughts???… Continue Reading