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#ThriveFWD with Vega: Becoming a Plant-Based Athlete #spon

Disclaimer: Vega contacted me directly to assist in promoting Thrive Forward Sport Edition. I was also given a Sport Package containing Vega Sport nutrition products as a thank you. Though I purchase Vega on my own, I happily accepted these additions to my sports fueling pantry. All opinions are my own. ***************** I think one… Continue Reading

Get Ready to Run! #spon

Disclosure: This post is sponsored. I was compensated in exchange for posting it on my blog. Many of us decide to take up running in the New Year, whether your goal for 2013 is to become fitter, to fund-raise for a good cause or perhaps you want to train to be a personal trainer? Whatever… Continue Reading

Shape up and tone your body at home #spon

Disclosure: I am being compensated for partnering with Vitamin Water Canada on this campaign and was also provided with a personal supply of Vitamin Water Zero to sample. All content is reviewed and approved prior to publishing. All options are those of the contributing author. Ready for a good sweat?! I know I’m always looking… Continue Reading

Amp up your health and fitness routine this spring! #spon

As Winter slowly (and I mean sloooooooowly) turns toward Spring, a lot of people out there are suddenly realizing that Summer, hot weather and less layers of clothing to hide under are quickly approaching. I’m stoked to be teaming up with Vitamin Water Canada to present you with a series of posts full of tips… Continue Reading

Avoiding Cold and Flu Season #spon

From December onwards, cold and flu germs become especially common, and the danger can continue for months. So, what can you do to minimize your risk of catching a cold or flu at the time of year when you are most susceptible to (even more so if you have kids)? The following advice covers good… Continue Reading

Celebrate ourselves now, not “when”

I was watching TV not too long ago when the news that Kate Middleton was expecting her first child and that she was in the hospital due to extreme morning sickness first aired. Knowing the pain she was experiencing, my sympathies were quickly forgotten when talk in the report turned to her weight. Saying that… Continue Reading

Fitness Myths Busted

Many women are wary of weightlifting as they believe it will cause them to bulk up and begin to look masculine. This is quite simply not the case however. There are many weightlifting techniques designed to improve strength and general fitness without building up muscle mass. When combined with nutritional supplements, such as those found… Continue Reading