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The Ultimate Headband Guide: Finding a style that works for you

I have a bit of a headband obsession. I love them. Nothing annoys me more than having hair in my face when I’m working out, or even just trying to do stuff around the house. Sweaty hair sticking to my face is such a pet peeve. It drives me absolutely batty. I’m also lazy and have absolutely no ability to style my hair outside of a pony tail. Case in point:

Yep...that's what I've got to work with. And this wasn't even a humid day.
Yep…that’s what I’ve got to work with. And this wasn’t even a humid day.

Imagine my distress at having a somewhat large and oddly shaped head that doesn’t tend to keep a lot of so-called “no slip” headbands on. Sure they look good but if they don’t stay on my head, they’re really of no use for me. I have better things to do with my time than constantly adjusting a headband.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried a lot of different headbands. Some have worked well, others have been flaming disasters. From the various comments I’ve gotten, I’m not alone in my plight to find bands that will keep my hair out of my face and still look good.

This is my jewelery.  Yes really...
This is my jewelery.
Yes really…

Here is my quick guide of what has worked for me and what may (or may not) work for you. Let’s banish headband hell!!


Here are some of the bands in my collection. *Some I received for free to try, others I bought and others were gifts from family/friends* These are all my experiences and my opinions. Be your own judge. (In no particular order):

1. Bondi Bands: I’m going to say flat out that I LOVE these bands. They were one of the first no-slip band that truly lived up to their own hype. They are fantastic on so many levels. I love the motivational statements, the tongue-in-cheek statements and especially the ones that were #BostonStrong at the Fargo marathon expo in May (I tried to get one but they sold so quickly!). I have 3 of their heavy-sweat wicking bands and they don’t disappoint. I’ve had one for nearly 3 years and it’s still going strong! They are light, wash well and don’t shrink. They also absorb a lot of sweat. We’re talking 90 degrees, blazing sun, 10 miles later type sweat.

We mean business. Booya!
We mean business. Booya!

I will caution against the fashion ones: They are completely adorable but if you want them to stay on your head whilst in motions, stick with the heavy-sweat wicking because the fashion ones won’t give you that.


2. Bani Bands: I love that Bani Bands did something that up until the day I put my sassy silver sequin band on, no one seemed to have done: they made the band adjustable. Hello!! Genius move! Not only does this give them versatility to many different heads, there’s no worry about stretching out because you can adjust it. Again, this band really stayed in place an held my hair about with no fuss. Because it’s not wicking and more fashionable, I prefer to wear mine on strength training days or lower distance runs because I find that although they don’t lose shape or colour, they don’t hold the sweat back as well as I would like. But they are cute in and out of the gym and I love wearing mine as much with a skirt and flip flops as I do a running skirt. Incidentally, they also wash well. I found mine in the wash, purely by accident as I would normally hand wash something like this but it survived and still looked smashing afterwards.

Bani Band

3. Under Armour’s Braided Mini Headband: Oh come on, you can’t honestly say you weren’t expecting a UA band to make in into a FitGear post. This band is great because it bright and cute and when you wear it, you just feel bada$$. No joke. In terms of design, each strand of the braid has a no-slip strip on it which, once it’s braided together, gives it a really tough yet firm hold. A warning though, the strands to get twisted so that the no-slip portion is backwards. I found this out when Fit Boy stole my band and proceeded to grab one strand and pull it as hard as he could. Awesome. It’s easy to fix but if you don’t notice it, you will find that the band doesn’t stay in place as well. I found it to be a bit tight the first couple of times I wore it but it now sits very nicely on my head and stays in place fairly well. Again, not something I would wear in high intensity but definitely a good option for strength, spin and especially short runs. Heck, I knocked off over 2 minutes on my 5K PR. Clearly it makes you run faster as well.

UABraid UABraid2

4. Greecie Girl Headbands: These are my latest find and they are a great find! Made of a combination of spandex, lycra and wicking material, they mean business. Creator Mary Countryman is a marathon runner who knows the pain of a crappy headband so rather than suffer, she’s created her own and sells them on her Etsy shop! Not only do they stay in place but they styles are awesome and modern. Like the Bani Bands above, her headbands work just as well as casual style a they do in the gym. I haven’t had a chance to test them out running long yet because of this darn tendonitis issue but I have very high hopes given that my band survived an elliptical workout in a stuffy gym. (She also has a BOGO deal on ’til the end of the month! Hint, Hint!)


4. Sparkly Soul: I knew I’d struck gold (or in my case, sparkly silver and pink) with these bands when, in my very pregnant state, I was too lazy to get ready for bed and just passed out as I was, headband on head. It’s a good thing pajamas’s pass as day-wear in my house. I woke up and my silver thin sparkly soul head band was still in place. I was immediately sold on these gems. They’re cute, sassy and come in a variety of colours to match any and every outfit you have. The felt-like material allows the band to stick to your head, holding your hair in place without pulling at your hear. I’ve had mine for nearly 2 years and they haven’t stretched out. If serious sweat wicking in a must, then these probably won’t work for you but for all other workouts (yoga, pilates, strength, etc) these are a great addition to your workout flair.

Sparkly Soul

There you have it! 4 options that have stuck to my head! Hopefully one, or all, will stick to yours too!

Happy Sweating!

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