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Mayhem Monday: Hello Sunshine!

Can I get a praise the Lord for the beautiful weekend we just had? Can I? Yes I can! Because this weekend was beautiful!

Toward the end of last week, my body was finally starting to give into the copious amount of germage working its way through our house and pretty much anyone who had a pulse. Hubby was sick on Monday and the kids and I were slowly fighting a losing battle. By Thursday night, I was not feeling good. Sore throat, achy body. Not happy. Thankfully, some essential oils (I may be a new convert to the movement. Ok, I am but my wallet is resisting) from a friend and Saturday morning, I felt a lot better. No voice and hacking but with enough energy to survive own my morning workout and conquer 6 long, slow MAF miles on Sunday. Perfection.

Run, run, run!
Run, run, run!

I don’t know about you, but I was in desperate need of some sunshine in my life. The past few weeks, I’ve felt really overwhelmed with life. The baby hasn’t been sleeping and is crabby, the boys were constantly on each other’s nerves and my own nerves were feeling a bit frazzled. I’ve been wrestling with a lot of doubt as of late and a lot of feeling inferior or inadequate in many different roles in my life. I don’t go out to intentionally feel crappy but every so often, that little lie of “you’re not good enough” rears it’s very ugly head and shame on me…I’m always so quick to believe it. I need to work on eliminating that mindset at the get-go rather than letting it play out in my head and bringing me down. After all, it’s not about how great a mom, wife, friend everyone else is, it’s how I live my life that is important. It’s how much of myself I surrender that makes the difference. And lately, I’ve had a lot of garbage to put out on the curb. Any one else? This post by Petite Heartbeat kind of sums it up nicely.

Anyone else need this reminder?
Anyone else need this reminder?

This week, I’m hoping to get 3 decent training runs in. Now that I can go outside, I just want to run all the time but for the week days, I think the treadmill is still the best option for me. I find running outside at a low heart rate is very, very challenging. Not to mention humbling when you shuffle along for 10-20 seconds and then have to walk. But what can you do? Gotta start somewhere and soon, I’ll be back to running without walking. Ok…maybe not soon but eventually. I’m ok with that for now. Whether I can stick through this process for the summer an in prep of a hopeful fall half marathon, we shall see. I will say that I’m starting to tire of the make fun of slow-pace Steph jokes. I know they’re all in good fun and no harm meant but after awhile…it starts to grate on my brain and make me stabby for no good reason. Obviously the source of said stabby is my problem but still. Let’s show a slow-mo some lovin’ mmmmmk?

Otherwise, I’m hoping that the warm weather continues and that our yard can start to dry up so we can head outside for some playtime! I’m also contemplating starting my garden indoors soon. I swore last year, that I wouldn’t start before April or May but I’ve got the itch to get started in hopes of an early June transfer.


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