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Mayhem Monday: Doing the Vacation Dance.

And we are officially in vacation mode! FINALLY!! We have not had any vacation time together since Christmas. To say some quality family time is overdue is an understatement. I’m actually kind of amazed we made it this long without a break. This week is also hubby’s birthday on the 22nd so we’re excited to… Continue Reading

Mayhem Monday

Happy Monday! First off, a BIG congratulations to everyone who ran the local Marathon, half marathon 10k, relay, fun run yesterday! This is the first year in a long time that neither the hubby nor myself have participated. It felt kind of strange to not be getting up at 5am to get to the festivities.… Continue Reading

Things I’m Loving Lately

This edition of things I’m loving lately is all about my feet. My poor, running feet. The summer is so harsh on them: blisters, aches and general malodourousness. I’m usually training for fall races through the summer and although I haven’t ruled out the possibility of a couple of races, my summer priority is obstacle… Continue Reading