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10 Random Things About Me

Remember those old chain emails that used to go around? Fill out these questions and send them to all your friends and miraculous things will happen?! Yeah, those. I used to LOVE doing those. Not because I believe in the karma of them (for the record, nothing miraculous or horrendous happened to me as a result of a chain letter/email), but I always liked learning fun, quirky things about people. I like facts. The funner, the better.

So in honour of that random memory that popped into my head a few days ago, here are 10 random things about me:


1. I have a very dry, sarcastic humour. I don’t know if that always comes across in my writing but to be with me in person, I tend to have to remind myself to have my “filter on” and to think before I speak. If I succeeded at this more…I’d have more friends.

2. I’m an introvert. Through and through. This article by the Huffington Post sums me up very well. Not entirely spot-on but eerily familiar (especially the internal dialogue part…yikes!).

3. I hate tomatoes. I’ve tried to love them. I wish I liked them but I have yet to find a tomato that agrees with my taste buds. Makes my sandwiches and wraps very lonely.

4. Before becoming a vegetarian, my favorite meat meals were chicken wings and anything smoked salmon. I’ll admit, I still crave smoked salmon now and then.

5. I’ve never played Candy Crush or Farmville or other Facebook time sucks. Don’t bother sending me invites…I don’t plan to ever start.

6. I’ve never seen a Harry Potter film or read a Harry Potter book. Please don’t hate me.

7. It is my dream to appear in Runner’s World.

8. I’ve never been to Disney. Any of them. Pity me. I’d love to run some amazing Disney races (Dopey anyone?!)

9. Even though I’m a runner and adore the sport, I *only* have one pair of running shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a collection but my wallet reminds me that one is enough. Currently, I run in Asics GT2000. Love them!

10. My dream is to get certified in group fitness and yoga so that I can develop a program/community to make fitness available to those who can’t afford a gym/studio membership or don’t have access.

Have 10 random things about you? I’d love to read about them!!

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