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Mayhem Monday: Doing the Vacation Dance.

And we are officially in vacation mode! FINALLY!! We have not had any vacation time together since Christmas. To say some quality family time is overdue is an understatement. I’m actually kind of amazed we made it this long without a break. This week is also hubby’s birthday on the 22nd so we’re excited to celebrate him. He, on the other hand, is excited for the chance to go for a nice family dinner at Five Guys. You only turn 36 once right?

We have a jam-packed week planned, which means that we’re either really ambitious or really stupid. Or maybe both. Naps will be optional, fun will be mandatory and melt-downs will be plentiful. It’s gonna be awesome!

This past week was a bit quieter. I recovered nicely from Spartan (though my legs are still sporting some gnarly bruising that’s quickly making me a celebrity at my gym…likely not for the right reasons though. Case in point: I was recognized at the grocery store because of my bruises!! I’ve apparently arrived folks…don’t crowd me all at once, there’s plenty to go around). I managed one run, though on the treadmill and not outside. It felt good to run. My calves felt decent and I actually felt like I had some (slow) pep in my step. A nice change.

Day 4 of this bad boy.
Day 4 of this bad boy.


Treadmill fun with company not too far away.
Treadmill fun with company not too far away.

Admittedly, I haven’t been at my best the past few weeks. There’s been a lot of stress in my life. Health issues with multiple family members, parenting my energetic and defiant kids, insomnia, studying and general life stuff. Not everything that needs to be discussed here but suffice it to say, there have been days where my only priority has been to inhale and exhale. It’s not all been bad though. Part of the stress is knowing that there is some potentially very exciting stuff on the horizon and preparing for that. The next few months around here are going to be crazy but there are some really cool things that may come about in that time. I’m excited. Even this little part of my world is currently undergoing a make-over. I have no idea when it’ll go live because I’m trying to do it on my own and…well…technology and I don’t play well together. It could take some time but I’m hoping everything will be done before the fall.

So what’s on tap this week?! Aside from endless family fun, I’m hoping to take advantage of an extra parental figure in the house (and possibly the only one mature enough to fully adult around here) to go for a couple of runs. It’s recovery week at the gym so aside from hill training, I have no classes there this week. I’m still debating doing a fall 10K. I’m going to give myself a few more weeks to decide and see how my legs do with increased mileage. I’d rather pay a bit more an do the race than pay less but then not be well enough to do it.

Have a great week everyone!

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