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Confessions of a Reformed Breakfast Skipper

**Disclosure: I am working with Vega to help promote their new campaign. No monetary compensation has been received and all opinions are my own. Though I do receive free product from time to time, I fully believe in the product and also purchase their product with my own hard-earned dollars.

Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar to you: Alarm goes off, <snooze>, alarm goes off again <snooze>. Repeat until you either realize you’re going to be late for work, your kids jump on you or all of the above. Whatever the scenario, now you’re rushing to get up, dressed, showered, dressed again (because you got dressed before you showered…), kids fed, lunches packed, everyone out the door to school or daycare and you hit up a drive thru for you morning coffee and get to work just in the nick of time. Again.

Then mid-morning hits. You’re starving, your energy is dipping and you feel all around blah. So you get another coffee and try to drag your sorry arse to lunch time.

What’s missing here? Oh yeah…that little thing called BREAKFAST!!

If this scenario sounds all too familiar then you, like me, are a serial (not cereal but I know you’re following the brilliance here) breakfast skipper.


You know the signs: rushing to get where you need to go so no time to sit down and eat. Grabbing a coffee on the go because as long as you have *something* in your stomach, it all evens out. A calorie is a calorie after all. And yet, you have no energy by mid-morning. You feel like something might be missing but you *just* can’t put your finger on it and so you repeat the same routine day in and day out.

I’m going to fill you in on a little secret that I learned the hard way a few years ago: I never ate breakfast. Ever. My rationale was that my stomach (like my brain), did not function well before about 10 or 11 in the morning. I’d grab a coffee or pop (gross, I know. I’m amazed I still have teeth) and head out the door. It wasn’t until I got pregnant with my first and had to eat constantly, especially in the morning, that I learned the importance of breakfast and how it sets you up for the rest of your day. No eating made for one sick mama-to-be (actually I was nauseous and sick regardless but eating made a world of difference).

We all know that breakfast is the stepping stone to your day. Now that I’m a serial (or cereal…see?! Just as funny the second time around. Or not.) breakfast eater, I’ve noticed the following new symptoms: increased energy, increased alertness, better mood, more productive, more friends (not fooling, no-breakfast Steph was nobody’s bosom buddy).

My dear friends at Vega are introducing the #OneChange challenge: Simply make one change in your nutrition habits to set yourself up for success for your day. For my fellow breakfast-skippers, that #OneChange would be to get into the habit of having a nutritious, balanced breakfast each and every day. No excuses.

What tripped me up in the beginning was that I felt very overwhelmed by how to make the perfect breakfast to ensure I was kick-starting my day on the right foot, especially since I was always on the go and didn’t always have time to sit at the table for 10 minutes and eat.

I thought breakfast had to be complicated to be nutritious but it’s really one of the simplest processes out there and very quick and easy to incorporate into the busiest of mornings. The truth is, it’s not complicated and it doesn’t require hours of prep work to incorporate. You can whip together a protein smoothie in about 2 minutes.

It pretty much gives you everything you need in one fabulous tub of goodness!

It pretty much gives you everything you need in one fabulous tub of goodness!

I’m going to give you 5 easy (and I mean eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy) recipes to use so you’ll have something new every day of the work week. All you have to do is have some frozen fruit in the freezer, milk in the fridge and Vega One in your pantry and you’re well on your way.

5 Days to #OneChange Breakfast Glory:

Smoothie Base: 1 cup milk of choice (I use unsweetened Almond milk)

Fruit: 1 cup frozen fruit (more if you want a thicker smoothie)

Protein: One Scoop Vega One powder (chocolate or French Vanilla)

Preparation: Add to blender, whiz, enjoy immediately or pour into a mason jar or thermos to enjoy on the way to work.

Bam! Already over 15g of protein and your brain isn’t even awake yet!!

Simple doesn't mean bland.

Simple doesn’t mean bland.

Here are some wildly popular combinations in our house:

Mango Vanilla

Chocolate Banana

Strawberry Chocolate

Blueberry Vanilla

Mixed Berry-the bag I buy has Cherries, Blueberries and Blackberries (works will with chocolate or vanilla)

Mango! Get in my belly!

Mango! Get in my belly!

It’s really that simple. Of course you can spruce it up by adding some spinach, kale, oats and so forth (check out some of my favorite smoothie recipes here and here for more ideas), but if you’re new to breakfast and smoothies, why not start simple while you get into the habit and then step it up a notch when you feel ready to rock out on the breakfast train.

And for those that may think you have to invest in a wildly expensive blender, think again. Most days, I use my single serve blender that I bought for $14.00 at Target. It just doesn’t do frozen too well so you’d have to thaw or use fresh fruit.

Still not convinced? Then try an equally amazing Vega One bar instead. Just as easy to grab and go.

For more information on Vega’s #OneChange challenge (and to see what #OneChange you can make), head over to their site.

Your Turn: What #OneChange will you make? Are you a Breakfast skipper like me or are you a number cruncher, serial snacker, or weekend splurger?


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