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Birthday Celebrations and a Visit with the Minimalists.

Yesterday was a fun day of celebration. My hubby’s birthday. I love birthdays. I used to not give them much thought and truthfully, I don’t really think too much about my own, but my hubby and kids are a whole different ballgame. I love how we approach the day: not with a focus on gift giving or material overload (we still give a gift but only one) but with making the day about what that particular person wants/loves/cherishes. This year was no different.

Carrot cake muffin for the birthday boy!

Carrot cake muffin for the birthday boy!

The night before, I let my 4 year old come with me to pick out a birthday card and cupcakes and help me wrap his Papa’s present. It was also a gage to see if 4 year olds can actually keep a secret for more than 5 seconds (I think we all know where this is going…). He’s been working hard on writing his own name so with blue maker in hand, he set to work while I took care of the gift.

Tuesday morning we all got up and started getting ready for our day. Knowing we had plans for the evening and the boys would be have a much anticipated sleep-over with their grandparents that night, we decided to do the present around the breakfast table. In true 4-year old fashion, the first thing out of his mouth:

“Papa you need to hurry up and open your Germany jersey!”.

Good thing Germany won the world cup or this gift may not have been so well received.

Good thing Germany won the world cup or this gift may not have been so well received.

*face palm*

Not that this caught me off guard because let’s be realistic: kids have no filter. The fact that he made it nearly 12 hours (even though about 10 of those were spent sleeping) without spilling the beans is pretty good. Hubby got a good laugh out of it. He later told me that when he’d asked where we went the night before, Fit Boy answered “It’s a secret Papa. I’m not going to tell you we were out getting you a birthday card.”

If there was ever a doubt that a 4 year old picked out this birthday card...let that be laid to rest.

If there was ever a doubt that a 4 year old picked out this birthday card…let that be laid to rest.

I truly, madly, deeply love this age. Seriously!

Either way, hubby loved his gift and is thankfully, very laid back about stuff like this so we all got a good laugh out of it.

Hubby’s dinner choice was to order pizza, which I was more than happy to do! After, we dropped the boys off for a sleep over at their grandparents and we headed off to a local bookstore to sit in on a chat by The Minimalists. Hubby was stoked to go see them and I was super interested in hearing about how other people approach minimalism and to get some perspective outside of our own journey. It was a really fascinating chat and I really enjoyed it. I wanted to take some pics like the nerd that I am but I knew it would embarrass hubby so I restrained myself :)

After, we went to one of our favorite gelati shop’s and indulged in a sweet treat. I know as a blogger, I’m “supposed” to eat a lot of FroYo to solidify my blogging status but dang…that stuff’s got nothin’ on a good gelati. Sorry FroYo, you haven’t won me over yet :)

Mmmmmmmm. So, so, so, so good.

Mmmmmmmm. So, so, so, so good.

All in all, it was a lovely day and I hope hubby enjoyed it as much as the boys and I did. I don’t think I give him enough credit for what he does on a daily basis for me and the kids, especially these past few months.

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