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Gift ideas for any mom or mom-to-be

This year, and especially this fall, it seemed like everyone was having babies. And almost all those babies, were girls. I don’t know what was in the water around this time last year (or wine, in my case…) but dang…

I thought I’d throw together a list of items that really did wonders for me both while pregnant as after the birth of my babies. I’ll even throw in a couple of super practical things that don’t cost a cent (keeping with the less is more theme from my minimalist gift guide last week) but that your mom or mom-to-be will truly appreciate.

Gift Ideas

1. Maternity workout clothes: Once upon a time, it was unheard of to see a pregnant woman exercising. Now, it’s becoming more and more common and I couldn’t be happier. I was lucky enough to be able to run through over half of my second and almost all the way through my third pregnancies. I stayed active and it really helped me out physically and emotionally. I was very grateful to have discovered For Two Fitness® tops during my second pregnancy and to be able to act as a brand ambassador through my third. Having function clothes that grow with you during those endless weeks of pregnancy is key. Aside from the awesome sayings on the shirts, the fact that they grew with me meant not having to constantly buy something bigger or have a baby flesh belt hanging out the bottom. I also found some great Old Navy maternity yoga pants that were so comfortable, I was able to wear them running, doing yoga at home and for the weeks after delivery when they were all I could squeeze into. The price couldn’t be beat either.

Post run around 23 weeks pregnant.
Post run around 23 weeks pregnant.
Wearing my favorite maternity wear while out for a walk/jog with the family.
Wearing my favorite maternity wear while out for a walk/jog with the family.

2. Compression. Yes, PRO compression is popping up all over the place here. It’s here for a reason: I love it! Long before I became a brand ambassador, I was using the product and these socks got me through two of my three pregnancies, kept my varicose vein from exploding during both (especially my third where I barely even noticed it) and also helped me with recovery from my third c-section. Even the nurses were asking me about my cool compression socks. The added bonus is that if your mom-to-be is also a fit mom, these babies can be used long after baby makes its appearance.

Keeping my legs happy post-workout.
Keeping my legs happy post-workout.
Rockin' the socks and the hospital gown. Meeeeeow!
Rockin’ the socks and the hospital gown. Meeeeeow!

3. Get out of Jail free card. Offer to babysit once a month or more so that she can get out of the house for an hour or two. Maybe she can go for coffee, go for a run, go for a drive. Anything at all so long as she doesn’t have to worry about bringing baby with her or worry about things at home. Believe me when I say it’s a gift that costs you nothing but will mean the world to her. Once you have kids, those moments alone are so few and far between that to be given a golden ticket out of the house is pretty spectacular and a great way to recharge the batteries.

Speaking of house…

4. Offer to clean her house. This isn’t one of those offers that is made because the house is so gross, you feel sorry and somewhat afraid to set foot indoors (unless it’s my house, then that could very well be possible). It’s about offering an act of service to ease the burden in a practical and meaningful way. Nothing is worse that looking around your house and seeing dust bunnies, hairballs, pieces of food of unknown age or origin all over the place and not having a lick of energy to clean it up. And even if you did, you likely have a baby on your boob and can’t be bothered to multitask. Trust me, I would have loved for someone to come and clean my house for me while I laid lifelessly on my couch relishing in the hour stretch of consecutive sleep I got. It’s the little things…

5. Company. This is perhaps the greatest gift of them all. Nothing can compare to the joy of parenthood but at the same time, nothing can be quite as lonely as being a mom, at home with a child or several children and no one to talk to for days on end. It can be downright isolating at times and that’s when those little doubts and thoughts can sometimes get the better of us (especially as new moms who are still trying to figure this whole baby thing out). Coming over for coffee, chatting about adult things, watching a movie, or anything similar can mean the world to an overwhelmed mom. If I’d had more of that (and the courage to ask for it), I don’t think I would have struggled so much. Heck, I still struggle and I’ve been a mom for nearly 5 years now.

And since you’re here already…maybe you’ll also clean my house for me.

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