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Body After Baby: 4 week update

I can’t believe my girl is 4 weeks old already. On the one hand, it seems like these past 4 weeks have gone by really quickly but on the other hand, it feels like we’ve always had her with us. Strange contradiction. I can honestly barely remember being pregnant with her. That massive bump is a thing of the past! Suddenly, no more pregnancy updates and onto body after baby!

How I’m Recovering:

The first 2 weeks were brutal. Although I felt good on day 1 (no pain, ok mobility), once the bruising set in, I could barely move. Lifting the Little Miss was ok, holding her was ok so long as I had the nursing pillow to cover my incision, walking was hard. By the end of the day, I could barely hold myself up straight. The stitches were so tight, my skin was buckling around them and I thought for sure, they were all going to rip (I did tear one during the Little Lady’s photoshoot. I guess I got too into taking her picture. Oops). By week 3, everything was feeling better and now in week 4, I have to remind myself that even though I feel a lot better, my body is still healing from major surgery and I need to take it easy.

Weight Gain/Loss:

I resolved well before her birth that I wasn’t going to stress about weight gain/loss. I knew I was doing what I could and eating fairly well. Admittedly, I probably had a bit more ice cream than I should have but I’m certainly not beating myself up over it. I ended up gaining a bit more than I did with Mr. O., about 37lbs. So far, I’ve lost nearly 30lbs of that just by eating the same as I did before (minus the ice cream…very thankful to have left that craving behind. It was getting expensive!). I’m not tracking calories or portions. I’m simply eating when I’m hungry (which is ALL THE TIME!!!) and trying to make good choices. I’m definitely thankful that I have a freezer full of meals to choose from. It makes it much easier to throw something in the oven for dinner.


I’m not sure when the last of the weight will come off and to be honest, I’m not overly concerned about it. I realized long ago that the weight comes off much faster than the body comes back. My main concern is staying healthy and feeding my girl. The rest will come in time.

The belly has gone down a lot faster this time than the last two pregnancies. I'm totally ok with where I'm at.
The belly has gone down a lot faster this time than the last two pregnancies. I’m totally ok with where I’m at.


I’m in an in-between phase right now. Maternity stuff is too big but my regular clothes are too small/tight for the most part. My jeans come to about my thighs and then promptly get stuck. I have one pair of yoga pants and a couple of pair of “house pants” (a.k.a. glorified sweat pants–>in my defense, they were $14 for two at Costco. Sorry, not sorry) that fit. I’m still wearing a couple of maternity tank tops and have a couple of t-shirts that I can get on. My belly has gone down a lot and is at the place where it will likely stay until my core gets stronger. I’m left with a small pooch that is a larger pooch by the end of the day when I’ve eaten myself senseless to tame the breastfeeding hunger. I’m ok with it. It’s squishy and kinda gross but it’s also a reminder of how awesome my body is for housing a human tank-baby for 9 months. What hinders me the most is the dang boobs. They’re the real reason my tops don’t fit. I’m trying to hold out on buying anything but it’s tough when I nearly have to cut a shirt off me to get it over the ta-tas. Oh well. In a few months I’ll be back a more reasonable size.

Managed to get my Ragnar shirt back on. I may not be able to get it off though.
Managed to get my Ragnar shirt back on. I may not be able to get it off though.
Pretty much the only other shirt that quasi fits. These ta-tas have taken on a life of their own!
Pretty much the only other shirt that quasi fits. These ta-tas have taken on a life of their own!


This one’s easy. Nadda, zip, ziltch right now. As I said above, I feel like my normal self but my body is definitely no where near ready to exercise. Just walking fast for more than a few minutes and I’m reminded that I’m still healing and the process takes time. What I’m starting to work on now is some very basic exercises to help strengthen my core and work on my Diastisis Recti, which currently is between 3-4 fingers wide (for a demo of how to check and what this looks like, see this post I did a couple of years ago). Though my mind is more than ready to join a new gym, lace up and run, my body is telling me to wait it out. Body trumps mind.

Soon, precious running shoes. Soon.
Soon, precious running shoes. Soon.

And here we are today, 4 weeks postpartum.

4 weeks postpartum. Rocking the house pants.
4 weeks postpartum. Rocking the house pants.
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