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Fit, Fab, Fun-How I learned to Razzle my Dazzle in 2010

2010 was anything but normal for me. 2009 ended with the passing of my dear, sweet nephew on Dec. 31. January started on the premise of new beginnings. I was 36 weeks pregnant, had been sedentary and gained more weight than I should have. I was lost. After my son was born, I battled post-partum… Continue Reading

Hump Day!

I love, love, LOVE hump day! Even though I’m not currently working and have been off since the New Year, I’m still quite aware of what day of the week it is. Though my husband likes to joke that everyday is the weekend for me now, I beg to differ. I still get up with… Continue Reading


A quick introduction to myself. I’m 30 years old, and a new mom to a beautiful 6 week old son. I am also in the middle of a struggle with Post Partum Depression. Having taken an undergrad in psychology, I was aware of what PPD is and have never doubted its existence. I’ve always managed… Continue Reading