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My Initial Plan for After Baby is Born

Now that baby arrival is seemingly just around the corner, I have been finding myself thinking about what I’m going to do after baby comes. What kind of goals will I have? What’s reasonable given how intense our schedule is going to be for a few months? Fit Boy will start preschool right before the baby comes and I fully anticipate Mr. O. going through some growing pains of his own as his big brother heads off to school (he is SOOOOO attached to him. Adoration only barely scratches the surface). Being ousted as youngest child will likely not sit well with this particular Mama’s boy either.

In short…I will be busy. Probably to busy to care about anything other than surviving each day. At least for the first few months.

But once 2015 hits, I will want and need a game plan. I function so much better with goals in mind. But what are my goals? Truthfully, I’m not 100% sure. I know that I want to run a half at some point in the latter part of the year and maybe some 5kms and 10kms throughout the year. I’m not committing to any races though to be honest, if I run locally (which is the likely scenario), my options are pretty limited.

This isn't going to disappear overnight but at least my shoes will be much easier to tie.

This isn’t going to disappear overnight but at least my shoes will be much easier to tie.

I’ll be starting back to running slowly. I haven’t decided if a couch to 5k program will be my go-to again or if I’ll try something different. Any suggestions are welcome.

I’m also losing my access to the work gym once I go on maternity leave at the end of the month. I will be looking into finding something for the year that I’m off to fill some of the gaps. There’s a local gym that I REALLY want to check out but I don’t think it’s something that we can reasonably afford so I will be looking at alternatives. We have a Good Life near us that I may check out. I do have some stuff at home that I can do but in all honesty, I function so much better in a gym than at home. There are simply too many distractions to keep me from getting the work done that I set out to do. If finances don’t allow, then home workouts will be my only option but I’m really hoping to avoid that.

I also plan on swimming again as soon as I can. The tri club I was swimming with before will start indoor season just after Thanksgiving in October and I’d love to join back up with them in January but it will depend on timing and the baby. Saturday swims are two hours plus driving/changing time so it may not work for me to join in again until the fall of 2015 when baby will be older. This remains to be seen.

These are the reasons I don't care if I'm the awe or envy of post-baby body's anywhere. They don't care what I look like.

These are the reasons I don’t care if I’m the awe or envy of post-baby body’s anywhere. They don’t care what I look like.

One thing I most definitely will NOT be doing is dieting to lose the baby weight or worrying to much about how quickly it comes off. I know my eating habits and I know they are well balanced. My body will bounce back in its own time and I don’t intend to rush the process. It may be less inspiring and less glamorous that I won’t be flaunting some crazy post-baby body in a crazy short period of time after baby comes but that’s just not me. Slow and steady works for me. I learned very quickly that losing the weight and regaining the body are two entirely different things. I hope to embrace the process and if it happens quickly, great. If it takes more time, I’m still going to honor my body and what it is capable of regardless of the weight, the sag and the cellulite. I know I will have insecurities about it (heck, I already do), but my first priority is not a bikini and I will have to keep reminding myself that not being lean and toned and back in regular clothes right away does not make me a failure. I will get there.

Someone remind me of this in a few months when I’m lamenting that my stomach looks like a deflated airbag. Thanks.


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