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Mayhem Monday: I have a plan

Monday again! We had a beautiful weekend. I swear, our October weather has been better than our July/August weather. It’s been nice opening up the windows and airing out the house. Soon, we’ll be shut ins so the longer we can take advantage of the nice weather, the happier I am.

Nice weather or not, I’m still in full on pumpkin mode and this Pumpkin Spice Sweetened Condensed Coconut milk from Ari’s Menu has made it into my coffee for the past two weeks. It’s AMAZING!!

Wow, wow, WOW!! Vegan, natural coffee cream. No chemicals!

Wow, wow, WOW!! Vegan, natural coffee cream. No chemicals!

This week marks 6 weeks postpartum and I’m setting into motion some seriously awesome plans for myself. I’ve been faithfully doing my exercises to help my mangled core and Diastisis Recti slowly heal. It will take some time before there’s any visible evidence but in the two weeks I’ve been doing the program I’m doing, my back has felt a million times better. I’ve also been able to pick up my 2 year old again which makes certain tasks a lot easier.

I’ve also chosen a training plan to get back into running. I’ve decided to go with a 5K plan but rather than do the traditional C25K type plan, I’m going to do the 5K finish plan from the book Train Like a Mother (by Another Mother Runner). The plan is very similar to a C25K plan but is a little bit more advanced. I don’t know that I’ll follow it to the letter because it does ask for 4-5 days of running per week which I know I can’t commit to. I’m more of a run 3-4 days a week anyway and time-wise and kid-wise, to start, it’s a bit too much and I don’t want to risk injury or burn-out sickness off the hop. I really just want to test the waters of running again and this seems like a good plan for me. I’m not sure when I’ll start it, I may try a few practice runs first to see how I feel, how my stomach feels and how my legs feel. At this point, any movement is happiness for me.

Even walking through the grocery store on Thanksgiving weekend with a baby is better than nothing. Or so says my brain.

Even walking through the grocery store on Thanksgiving weekend with a baby is better than nothing. Or so says my brain.

This weekend, I did some serious meal prep, even though I still have a freezer full of food. I just had the urge to whip up other people’s recipes and have my house smelling delicious and my sink overflowing with dishes I won’t get to ’til Friday (which will leave my house smelling like something else all together…). We’ll be eating well this week!

Have a great week and don’t forget, I have TWO giveaways that are still running! Links below, go enter if you haven’t already!

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