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Mayhem Monday: Return of the Swimming Beast

Saturday morning, my alarm sounded at 5:15am. I groggily turned it off and contemplated rolling over and going back to sleep. It was Saturday…day off…no work…all play. Why the heck was I setting my alarm at a time when hockey parents are getting ready to hit the Tim Horton’s drive through????

It was Saturday swim day, that’s why!

Used with permission from Under Armour
Used with permission from Under Armour

I last went to Saturday swim waaaaay back in March or April. It’s indoor pool swimming during the winter and starting in early June, swim heads outdoors to open water for the summer. I wasn’t able to join because a wet suit wasn’t in the budget and knowing that I wasn’t going to be doing a tri during the summer (and that there was still a bit of ice on the water in early June!), I opted to take the summer off.

When the email went out about how Saturday swim would go this fall, the nerves started to build. It had been months since I had a good solid workout in the pool and over 2 months with next to no running. Knowing that the swim was 2.5 hours long with the first 45 minutes or so being swimming laps with a group who’d not only been swimming all summer but had also conquered a half ironman just a few weeks prior, I was feeling a bit timid. I emailed the coach and asked if I should possibly work with the beginner’s swim group until I had the stamina to try and keep up with the more advanced group. These were the replies I got:

“Stephanie:  you would do the pack swim—work with the swimmers—take as many breaks as you like–do what you want to do!
Remember you are racing this season!”

No excuses right? Right! So that’s what I did. I got there, suited up and the second I hit the swim platform, coach came over, gave me a hug, encouragement then told me to get my butt in the pool and get to work.

And work I did. We started with about 45 minutes of lap swimming (each lap is around 80m) and I rested after each and every lap. I was spent and there was still nearly 2 hours left in the morning. After that, we did some beginner work with some brand new swimmers (how amazing is this???? These folks are just learning how to swim and coach welcomes them into swim club. THIS is what community is), and then it was back to the tank for drills and a short game of water polo at the end that I needed to bow out of early because my legs and feet were cramping so badly. I could barely pull myself out of the pool. It was fantastic! I can’t wait to do it again next weekend. I even got a new (to me) tri suit. My first ever at no cost. Amazing. The zipper is broken so I just need to figure out how to fix it. Tips? Suggestions?


What did you do this weekend? Did you rack up some miles on the pavement? Hit up a class? Run a race? Let me know!!!

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