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Mayhem Monday: Is it time to Slow Down?

Last week was unofficially birthday week for my hubby. I tend to stretch out his and the boys’ birthdays over the span of a week for some reason. Maybe I’m over-compensating for my ill-fated December 17 birthday that’s often hard to really celebrate because of the time of year. Or maybe I just like cake. There’s that too.



Either way, I think we had a lot of fun, a lot of food and a lot of memories made. Yesterday was the final celebration with my side of the family. We had a simple brunch of bagels, fresh fruit and pie. Yum!! I also got raves on the fresh orange juice courtesy of my Breville juicer. I suspect they may see a spike in sales this week.

Torpedo belly, post 2.5 mile run.

Torpedo belly, post 2.5 mile run.

I managed only one run last week and that was pretty much the only exercise I did. I was feeling even more worn out than usual, sleeping even worse than usual but have been noticing a lot of cramping, low back pain that I haven’t experienced yet. Not the usual “stretching” type pain, more like period cramps, not overwhelming but enough for me to stop and take notice. I really noticed it on Thursday and Friday when I had to pause walking home from dropping the kids off at daycare (a 3 minute walk) to breathe. I’ve never experienced this with either of my other pregnancies so I don’t know if it’s just a “version” of Braxton Hicks (which I am well acquainted with) or if there’s something else going on. I don’t want to be paranoid but I also don’t want to ignore the symptoms if it’s something more than just BH. I see my doctor this week so we’ll see what she says. For now, I’m just taking it easy and monitoring everything.

33 weeks. And in a dress. Impressive!

33 weeks. And in a dress. Impressive!

So with that said, any workouts this week are likely suspended until I get an all-clear from my doc. I’ll still walk the kids to daycare but I want to talk over everything with her before I do anything more. As much as I’d love to have this baby asap, 33 weeks pregnant is way to early for that to be happening.

I’ll probably be taking advantage of the extra time to start freezer meal planning, digging out baby clothes and diapers to wash, and maybe I’ll finally get some of my crochet projects done!

The never-ending baby blanket. I might finish it for his/her college years.

The never-ending baby blanket. I might finish it for his/her college years.

First attempt at an elf hat and multiple colours. This one for girl, next, one for boy.

First attempt at an elf hat and multiple colours. This one for girl, next, one for boy.

Have a great week everyone!

**Update: after getting this ready to post up for Monday, I ended up with a wicked sore throat/cold. My 3rd this summer. Grrrrr. I guess I’ll be resting whether I want to or not**

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