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Time to Spring Clean with Lorna Jane

I will be the first to admit that Spring hasn’t exactly sprung around my neck of the woods. I still have about 5 feet of snow in my front yard and just recently came across my driveway for the first time since November. It’s definitely been a long winter but now that Spring seems to finally be ready to take command, all I can think about is Spring cleaning. I’m one of those strange “I need to clean and organize everything from top to bottom” as moment the smell of Spring hits my nose. Being pregnant is not helping that urge.

Many people I know are putting all their winter training miles to the test right now with Spring race season well under way in many parts of the country. I’m excited for all the miles I’m seeing, the medals earned and the PR’s set. I’m also a little sad that I’m not part of the fun this year. All for good reason but it’s definitely making me antsy in trying to come up with a plan for the second half of this pregnancy and how to set myself up to stay active, healthy and (somewhat) comfortable for as long as possible.

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I’m an ambassador for Fit Approach (#SweatPink). Sometimes I get the inside scoop on really cool things that involve really cool prizes. For example: this sweet Lorna Jane promotion that give you the chance to win a butt-load of Lorna Jane activewear. Yes. This. You don’t have to do much. In fact, you probably do it already!

Spring is here and that means it’s the perfect time to renew, reboot and refresh your active life. A spring clean for your active soul, so to speak.

Now is the moment for new inspiration and to discover new ways to Move, Nourish and Believe everyday. To help you bring on a new wave of MNB ways, I’ll be creating Spring Clean Pinboards full of my favorite inspiration from (and you’re invited to do the same.) In fact, you could even Win a $1000 Lorna Jane Gift Card, just for pinning your MNB faves!

—>you could get PAID TO PIN<—

These Pinboards are your daily reminder to take on more of the new, while helping you let go of some of the things holding you back. So go on, pick up that magic eraser, and let’s pin together to give our souls a collective cleanse. Besides, we all need an excuse to spend more time on Pinterest, right? Exactly!

Ready to pin your heart out and vie for the $1000 prize? Read below to find out how to join and a few other Sweat Pink ambassadors, and how to start spreading your Spring Clean Pinspiration far and wide. This is a 3 week promotion so be sure to check back next week for your challenge for that week (here’s hint, it’s a Move, NOURISH, Believe type deal ;) )

Move Week: April 7 – April 13

Your Challenge: In week 1, we kick things off with Move week. Your challenge is to pin images of at least 10 new ways to Move your body from anywhere on Whether it’s Tabata, H.I.I.T, Yoga, or others, we want to see you getting out of your comfort zone!

How To Enter:

1. Visit and pin at least 10 images of new ways to move your body. (Call your Pinterest board “Lorna Jane Spring Clean – Move Week”) Here’s my Board for reference
2. Tweet us a link to your board @lornajaneactive (so we know where to find it) and tag it #lornajanespringclean
3. Promote & share your pins with the world with the hashtag #lornajanespringclean. (Earn bonus points with our judges by sharing photos of you taking on these new moves.) Feel free to tag me too (@FitMomTraining). I’d love to see what motivates you to move!

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Happy Pinning!!

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