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Mayhem Monday: Let’s get this Party Started

Birthday week is officially a wrap. I survived. We survived. Most importantly, the kids had a blast.

This year, I decided to step into the unknown and plan a birthday party for the boys. It’s definitely not entirely in my comfort zone. I love having people over and I love sitting around chatting with people (which, admittedly, I don’t do enough of. I must change this). With a limited budget we couldn’t do much and with it being the dead of winter, we had to keep the numbers down which I hate doing. I want them to be able to celebrate with all their friends and have fun but alas, not this year.

In spite of that and in spite of my non-crafty gene, I think I pulled off a pretty decent party. What I lack in decor smarts, I make up for in food spread. I am a meal prep champ after all ;)

Welcome to my buffet.
Welcome to my buffet.

I think overall, the afternoon was pretty awesome. The kids played downstairs (and pretty much destroyed it in the best possible way. Remember, if the room is trashed, the kids are having fun) so awesomely and the adults were able to hang out upstairs. Recipe for awesomeness right there. Though I did hear rumours of some partying on top of the bar and singing of “Everything is Awesome”. I also heard that my 3 year old was among the bar-top dancers. I have no idea where he’d have gotten that skill from *whistles dixie*.

The aftermath of the party was pretty awesome. Nothing like what I was expecting (expect the worst right?!). I’m happy the kids had fun. Dare I say, I’m excited to plan their party next year???

I may have made too much food...
I may have made too much food…
Cupcake decorating mayhem.
Cupcake decorating mayhem.
Basement destruction. My kids on their own do worse than this. Not bad, not bad at all.
Basement destruction. My kids on their own do worse than this. Not bad, not bad at all.

Last week was also a bit hectic. I did zero running (whaaaaaaa). I’m finding that the Little Lady is not into crib time during the day which means that jumping on the treadmill for 45 min has officially gotten tough. Weekend festivities didn’t allow for my usual long run either. Hoping to figure something else out. It may just be that I have to do my runs at night. Not ideal but if that’s the only time, then that’s the only time.

I did get my 3 workouts done. I love working out at home on my “off” gym day. I have to be more creative but over the past couple of months, I’ve been able to track down some less expensive means of building a home gym. I much prefer the atmosphere of my gym but the home version is working as well. Plus, I have really cute cheerleaders at home :)

This week will be super crazy again. Hubby has a long exam tomorrow night so I’m working out at the gym tonight instead (assuming I don’t forget). He also has his regular night class on Thursday so that’s 2 looooooooooooong days of just me and the kids. I need to find something for us to do so we don’t kill each other.

Have a great week!!

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