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Our Planes: Fire & Rescue Adventure

I was recently approached by Disney Canada about becoming a mom ambassador for their Disney Baby brand. I wasn’t sure at first. After all this is a blog about me, my life, my fitness/running etc. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that although this blog is about me, a huge part of me is related to my kids and even though you don’t see much of them in pictures (a purposeful decision on the part of my husband and I), you definitely hear about their adventures.

So I happily signed on a couple of weeks ago and was really happy to receive a gift for the baby in the mail a couple of short weeks later. We love Disney in our house and getting a care package for 3.0 from Disney was pretty awesome. He/she may not appreciate it too much at first but I certainly do.

Some much needed supplies for Baby!

Some much needed supplies for Baby!

This past week, Disney offered me the chance to take my family to see the new Planes movie, Planes: Fire & Rescue at an exclusive preview showing. Timing-wise, it didn’t work for Mr. O. to go but Fit Boy was beyond excited to go on a date with his Mama to the movie theatre. This would be his first time going and he was pumped for this new experience.

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous for him. He has issues with noise and overstimulation and though they’ve gotten markedly better as he’s gotten older, he still gets overwhelmed pretty easily, especially when the experience is new to him. We talked it over and decided that we’d bring his headphones and make the most of our date. If he wasn’t comfortable or got scared, we could leave at any time.

Once we arrived and got our tickets and sat down, he was mesmerized by the whole movie theatre experience. Once we realized that the movie was 3D (a first for both of us), he was less sure but we decided to stick to our original plan and make the most of it.

3D hotness right here.

3D hotness right here.

Mom and kid glasses. We rocked ourselves out.

Mom and kid glasses. We rocked ourselves out.

The first little bit of the movie and previews, I could see him tensing up and getting really uneasy. We put on his headphones and he assured me that he was ok and wanted to stay and watch more of the movie. The movie was pretty cute and though there were some scary parts that he didn’t like and a longer scene toward the end of the movie, he came and sat on my lap but he watched the whole movie, mouth hanging open in awe at a lot of it, and at the end, gave me a big smile and said he liked it.

*Cue sigh of relief *

Since then, he’s been proudly walking around with his ticket stub from the show reliving his adventure. It’s been awesome to experience these seemingly simple pleasures through the eyes of my sweet 4 year old boy. I don’t think there is possibly a better way to experience life than through the eyes of our kids.

Thanks Disney Canada! I’m looking forward to more adventures in the months to come!

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