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New Years wishes and some serious Decluttering

Decluttering as been a pretty big project in my house over the past year or so. No matter how much we get rid of, there always seems to be more to purge. It’s been both a blessing and a curse in that as much as I feel liberated at the amount of stuff we’ve successfully rid ourselves of, while not actually missing any of it, I’m continually astounded that we seem to collect more without meaning to.

Over the last year, we have cut down on our needless spending substantially. I’m very proud of that because it’s opened us up to being able to value our time spent together as a family and not be held prisoner by our stuff. But with our youngest boy and our girl outgrowing clothes on a nearly daily basis, there will always be more to get rid of or hand down to someone else to enjoy and use.

Adios crapola!
Adios crapola!

I’m finding that as I open up a bin of boy clothes that my oldest has outgrown and that Mr. O. will now fit, we even have too much for him. Does one child really need 10 long sleeve shirts? I’m thinking no. So we even got rid of some of that stuff. Hopefully I’m not eating my words in a few months.

As for me, now that I’m pretty much back into regular clothes, I can adios my maternity clothes as well as all the “in-between” items I had. In an act of pure insanity, I even got rid of a bunch of running clothes that I don’t need *gasp*. The running community may shun me for that one. I’d say I decreased my stash by at least half and I still have more than enough to get me through a week or so of workouts. Bam! If anyone is looking for some gently used tech gear, the Thrift store just got a whole lot richer.

All in all, I love the decluttering process. I can’t say enough times over how much it has helped my anxiety and mental state. I really noticed it over the fall when I was home full time on maternity leave with the kids. I didn’t feel like I was suffocating in our stuff and even paring down the boys toys helped. If this Christmas season has taught me anything, it’s that the more they have, the more they fight over what they have. And they have been fighting plenty over the last week. Oy!! Can’t wait for the birthday madness in a couple of months < insert sarcasm >.

This coming year, we’ll be going through this process at least once or twice and hopefully getting rid of even more stuff. I love how liberating this is and the extra time it’s given us to focus on things of greater importance.

As we usher in 2015 and the insane amount of busyness that will come with it, I hope and pray that we don’t lose focus on the important things in life. Namely, not “stuff”.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2015 bring about many awesome things for each and every one of you!!

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