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Mayhem Monday: So I had a Baby

As the title may (or may not, no judgement here) elude to: I kinda, sorta had a baby last week. My world has most definitely been rocked.

After two boys, imagine my surprise when it was announced to me by my hubby “Holy Cow…we got a girl!!” as I lay on the operating table listening to my baby cry its first cries while I cried my hundred millionth cry. Whoa! I was pretty sure we were having a girl but as soon as it was confirmed, my mind pretty much exploded and suddenly, I felt I needed to learn how to give manicures and proper hair cuts.

More on the Little Lady’s arrival another day, that’s a whole different post on its own.

The day started with one of these.

The day started with one of these.

With a little of this thrown in between.

With a little of this thrown in between.

And ended with one of these. Fair trade I'd say.

And ended with one of these. Fair trade I’d say.

As you can probably imagine, most of last week (and continuing very predictably into this week) was a blur. I spent two days in hospital before being discharged home and it’s been a whirlwind of breast feeding, diapers, spit-up and snuggles since then. I’ve already lost track of the hours and the days and am firmly entrenched in the exhaustion fog of having two boys running around me all day and one baby feeding off me all night. Definitely tired :) But also extremely happy to no longer be pregnant, able to sleep and lie on my back again (blissfullness!) and fighting the urge to burn every last stitch of maternity clothing with all my might. Mostly because I don’t fit into anything else comfortably right now and at some point, I will need to wear more than my fuzzy pj pants (which I have hiked up to boob-level right now to keep every ounce of pressure off my incredibly bruised and beaten up surgical scar–>there’s your mental image for the week. You’re welcome) out the door.

Right now, I’m not sure how I’m going to write my Body after Baby series. I definitely want to do one because I think it’s important to talk about how our bodies and minds adapt and that it’s not all glamorous weight losses and toned bellies (though birthing a 9lb baby definitely gives me an edge). I now face a year of adjusting to my current body, mourning my former body (which I think we all do to a certain degree in this stage of motherhood, no matter how many kids we have) and finding balance again as a mom of 3. I know I plan to honour my body, listen to it and focus on the good as much as I can. As much as I miss my former routines, I have no expectations of what the coming months will hold for me, running and the like. I will get it all back, I know I will which is why I’m not setting a firm timeline to get it done.

This week=no plans. None. Zip, Zilch. I’m focused on the family, getting the rest I need so that I can one day walk like a regular person and not hunched over in discomfort and enjoying having hubby home to help me out before he heads back to work next week.

Things are going to be sporatic for a few weeks but I’ll do my best to stop in and update you as often as I can. I have a couple of giveaways and reviews to get up that I think you’ll enjoy!

Have a great week everyone!

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