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Answering your Pregnancy Questions

I haven’t been doing regular pregnancy updates because…well, I’m lazy. Plus, after 2 pregnancies, what is perhaps exciting to others (maybe?) isn’t as exciting to me. But given that I have less than 2 months to go and that I don’t sleep and can’t workout as much or train for any races right now (which I am TOTALLY missing/mourning/in need of doing), I thought I’d give another update and include some of the questions I’ve been asked a lot, including a comparison of this pregnancy with my last two pregnancies.

Let’s get started…

Shadow #bumpie

Shadow #bumpie

How has this pregnancy differed from your last two? Well they do say that every pregnancy is different and I do believe that after this one. I had a lot of the same symptoms but this time around, everything seems to be amplified by a million. Way sicker than the last two, restless legs way more severe than the last two, body change way faster than the last two. In terms of cravings/aversions, I definitely had an easier time being around food with only a few things turning my stomach early on. Thankfully, the smell of food wasn’t too bad for me but in general, unless I’m craving it, I’m not overly interested in eating. Don’t confuse that with me not eating…because I am most definitely eating. A lot. I’ve also found that I’ve been able to work out a lot better this time around. I wouldn’t say I’m doing more overall but I am still able to run short distances with the biggest hindrance to going further being leg fatigue from the extra weight than discomfort. Surprisingly, running has been very comfortable (relatively speaking) for me. More so than walking. Very strange indeed.

Cravings: I’ve had some cravings and they come and go but for the last few weeks, my big thing has been banana chips (oh my word…ALL THE BANANA CHIPS!!!), ice cream (this could easily be a daily indulgence for me. I want it every. Single. day.), and ice water. Specifically ice cubes or shaved ice. I’m not kidding. I crave icy cold water all day long. I’m routinely at the ice machine at work filling my water bottle with ice so I can drink/crunch away at my desk. My poor co-workers must think some kind of wild animal is working in their office. It’s heavenly though.

Eeeeaaaaat me!!!!

Eeeeaaaaat me!!!!

This might have tasted really good.

This might have tasted really good.

Aversions: None. If I don’t want to eat it, it’s more out of disinterest than anything else. Cooking has become a task I’ve been slacking in because the last couple of months, I’ve gotten no enjoyment out of it at all. With a few exceptions (see above), food has become very two-dimensional to me. I’m hoping it’s just temporary.

Things I’m missing: Running/training/racing. I have been craving a training cycle lately like crazy. I’m happy with the amount of activity I’m still able to do but I’m really, really missing having a training plan and goal race in my sights. We’ve had a very mild summer for the most part with absolutely glorious mornings, perfect for running. Stepping out in the cooler weather and knowing that no #runch will be happening or waking up on a weekend and not going for a long run has been especially tough. To cope, I’m already looking ahead to 2015 and what I might be able to accomplish once I get the all-clear to start regular activity again.

Torpedo belly, post 2.5 mile run.

Torpedo belly, post 2.5 mile run.

Wearing my hubby's track pants. We've hit *that* point in the pregnancy folks.

Wearing my hubby’s track pants. We’ve hit *that* point in the pregnancy folks.

Things I’m looking forward to: Aside from getting back to running, I’m looking forward to getting this extra weight off. I never enjoy the process of gaining weight but given that I’m told daily how big I am etc, I’m finding myself extremely sensitive about the whole issue. 30 pounds is a lot and I’m about to hit that milestone with likely another 10 pounds added before baby comes. I also caught a glimpse of my butt the other day and I’ve apparently gone Kardashian overnight. No thanks. I have no plans on dieting or working to lose weight because I know that my lifestyle and eating habits (not to mention the whole running after my kids thing) will shed the weight in time, I am eager to get my body back and to be able to start training it and strengthening it again. I’m also looking forward to meeting this little one and finding out if it’s a boy or girl, learning its personality and quirks and having it stop beating the crap out of my insides all day long.

So there you have it. Updates galore.

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