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Gracing our way through Summer

Aaaaaaand we are officially in summer mode. I’m suddenly being transported back to my youth and the inevitable “I’m booooored” or “Now what???”. It could potentially be a very long summer. I’m hoping it will be a good one. I have to say, preschool graduation was beyond adorable. My heart was pretty much bursting from all the cuteness that was 40 preschoolers singing their hearts out and getting their certificates and grad caps. So sweet! I cannot tell you the comfort that there is in knowing that your child’s teacher loves, values and respects the children in her care. We were very blessed this year to have not one, but two teachers who took the time to learn about my son, teach him and grow him. The change we’ve seen in him between September and now is incredible and I’m ever thankful for that blessing in his life.

Now that we’re in June, we have 3 months of time to fill. I know I have the best of intentions to make the summer a rich time of family, activities, play dates and fun but in reality, I’m pretty sure that there will be days where we just sit around and do nothing all day. I don’t know about you, but I often find myself wishing that I was a “pinterest mom”. You know, full of ideas, plans and beautifully flawless execution of a multitude of original and creative events and activities that are the awe and envy of mom’s everywhere.

Never underestimate the power of a mud puddle.
Never underestimate the power of a mud puddle.

In reality, I am much more of the “nailed it” mom. I try a few things here and there and end up with a huge mess of “what in the heck?!” on my hands. I used to be really put down and discouraged by that and if I’m being totally honest, I still am some days. I would love to provide that kind of richness to my kids but it’s just not part of my make-up. For me, fun is more along the lines of making obstacle courses in the basement (and praying earnestly that they won’t result in a trip to the emergency room), running races in the back yard or me just sitting on my lazy arse while the boys destroy something I don’t care enough about to try and stop them. Tell me I’m not alone in that?!

Field trip to Staples anyone?
Field trip to Staples anyone?

Pinterest-fails aside, I’m really hoping that this will be a fun summer for our family of 5. We have one trip planned to get away for a few days, and I’m hoping that I can brave the beach and some hiking with all 3 kids on my own. We’re very lucky in that we live very close to a provincial park that gives up loads of opportunity for adventure. It’s just a matter of getting ourselves there to enjoy said adventure!

Baby and Mike hanging in the yard.
Baby and Mike hanging in the yard.

So as we (and likely many of you) wade our way into the summer heat, let’s make a promise to make the most of our time, do the best that we can and not stare at each other when there are temper tantrums going down (that includes the adult ones…or am I the only one who has them…). Let’s vow to use things like pinterest as a tool but not as a requirement for success. Let’s give ourselves a butt load of grace and patience in knowing that some days the stars will align and other days, success means catching your 3 year old before he eats the sunscreen.

Cheers to summer mayhem!

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