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Top Recipe Sites to Get your Cook On

I like to post pictures of my food. Be it on Instagram or various posts here, my stuff is out there. Admittedly, I’m doing my photographer self a great disservice by posting poorly lit shots from my phone instead of pretty pictures with my DSLR. I do plan on changing that. Promise.

One of the most common requests I get is to post recipes for the awesome food that I make. Unfortunately for you, about 95% of what I make are recipes from other sites and cookbooks I own and I don’t want to steal their thunder, especially when they’ve put in the time and effort of perfecting their eats and treats for people like me who practically burn down their kitchens on a weekly basis. Promise number 2: I AM actually working on adapting some of my formerly favorite meat recipes into vegetarian delights. It’s a time consuming process and I don’t have a ton of time so I’m focusing the coming months on perfecting so that I can photograph and share in 2015. Booya!

In the meantime, I wanted to show some love to the sites that have given me some great inspiration and tasty food. I highly encourage you to check them out. Some have meat options, others are 100% vegan, but all offer some really great tips and recipes to try and enjoy. I know me and my family certainly have been.


1. Happy Herbivore. Not only does Lindsay create amazingly simple and tasty recipes, she does it all using no oil or any extra’s. Her food is plant-based, low fat and so easy to make. She has a great selection of recipes to try on her site as well as 4 cookbooks, all of which I own. Not a week goes by that I don’t make at least one thing from her books. She also offers meal plans complete with a prepared shopping list to take the guess work out of your weekly prep. Her Black Bean Brownies were a ridiculous hit with my kids. I absolutely love her no-chicken broth. I don’t notice the difference anymore and it’s way healthier than store-bought.

2. Oh She Glows. Angela’s food is amazing!! Not only that but her food photography is out of this world gorgeous. Being a fellow Canadian, I know that when she lists an ingredient, I’ll be able to find it locally which is super valuable for me. She also loves food as much as I do so it’s practically like we’re the same person. I made her lentil, walnut apple loaf at Thanksgiving and it was out of this world amazing. Angela’s first cookbook of the same name is nothing short of spectacular. I have yet to make something from it that I didn’t like. Even my dad, who packs his own lunch when he comes to babysit for fear of catching vegetarianism from me (running family joke…he thinks I’m a hippie but he loves me anyway :) ) loves her classic glo bars.

3. Lean Green Bean: Lindsay is a registered dietician who does everything from raw to vegan to gluten free and everything in between. She posts recipes that are full of flavor and crazy good to meet any dietary needs/desires. I love her creativity and the ease with which she preps her food. She’s also a weekend food prepper so it’s like we’re kindred spirits. Only her food looks a lot nicer in the end than mine. My favorite is her freezer peanut butter cups. So easy to make and so addictive. She also offers meat dishes as well so you can get something to please everyone.

4. Manitoba Harvest: This is a more recent discovery for me. I’ve used their hemp hearts in the past but didn’t realize they also had a recipe section on their site. Now that I’m addicted to their Hemp Pro 70 (go team chocolate!), I’ve been spending more time looking at their recipes. The pumpkin pie smoothie is amazing! My 2 year old and I like to share this “milkshake” as our special treat when big brother is at preschool.

5. Vega: This has been a great resource for me as I work hard to eat an entirely plant-based diet. Given that their recipes are tasty and extremely nutrient-dense, it fuels the athlete in me as well. Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Energy cookbook is another favorite of mine and is used on a weekly basis in my kitchen. As I get more into running and re-building my base, I’ll be using both this site and his book to help keep my body fueled and full of goodness.

Go check out these sites, try something new and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labour :)

What are some of your go-to recipe sites? What’s the best recipe you’ve found from that site?

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