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Motivation Monday: Getting my Social Butterfly on

Another week has come and gone and I have to say, it is a complete blur in my memory! Hubby took the week off and my in-laws were in town visiting for the week. We also went out with friends for a combined birthday dinner/baseball game and then AGAIN to friends to help break inContinue Reading

Motivation Monday: New Running Milestone

Happy Monday! This Monday is extra happy for me because hubby is taking the entire week off work! We don’t have any set plans but it’s just nice knowing that there’s another adult here during the day to even out the odds. This past week was slow on the workout front, mostly because of theContinue Reading

Motivation Monday: Conquering the Long Run

Well folks, another week is in the books. Is it just me or does it feel like time is moving a bit to quickly these days. I feel like I just finish hitting ‘publish’ on one Motivation Monday post and it’s already time to draft the next one. This past week was another scorcher. WithContinue Reading

Motivation Monday: Adapting without Conceding

I’ve talked recently about my desire and intent on living a No Excuses lifestyle, especially when it comes to my health. As with any public declaration, it’s really just a bunch of words until you’re put in a situation that really tests your conviction. My time came this past week. Several times. While making dinnerContinue Reading

Motivation Monday: Beating the Summer Heat

It. Is. Hot. So hot that even Fit Boy hasn’t wanted to go outside. Now that’s hot. Last week was supposed to be my unofficial start to my half marathon training and let’s just say that things haven’t gone quite as planned so far. Mostly because of the heat and my kids. Go Figure. NotContinue Reading

Motivation Monday: Accidentally Hitting Rewind

After last week’s half asleep rambles about exhaustion due to a baby that refuses to sleep, I was determined in my Type-A, control freak kind of way to make this past week completely different. In my mind, Baby O would sleep 10 hours a night, nap 2 hours a couple of times during the dayContinue Reading

Motivation Monday: Sleep isn’t for the Weak

This past week has been a tough one. Baby O. has decided to refuse to sleep at night. This is in addition to he fact that he is a terrible napper. Some have said that he might be teething which is entirely possible but who knows. He’s a social baby who just wants to beContinue Reading

Motivation Monday: PR’s and 5K’s and Challenges, Oh My!

This past week was stellar. Really no other way to describe it. We had craptastic weather all week long. Dark, dreary and raining but I still got all my training runs in, and then some! I felt good. My legs felt strong. I’m still having issues with my knees and shins but I’m going toContinue Reading

Motivation Monday: My Running Duet

Happy Memorial Day to my American fit friends! It’s all work and all play up in Canada today but we’re coming off a long weekend ourselves so we’ll let you have a day as well This weekend I did two things that I very rarely get to do: My mother-in-law was in town and veryContinue Reading

Motivation Monday: A Slight Change in Plans

Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canucks! I love long weekends! Even being on maternity leave, I still love them because it means I (hopefully) get an extra day with hubby at home to help with the kids and to do fun stuff together as a family. Training last week went well. I ran 2Continue Reading