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Motivation Monday: In Transition

This past week is somewhat blurry. Maybe it’s the time change over the weekend (note: parents of small kids do not benefit from the extra hour of sleep but rather, getting up an hour earlier with their kids. Doubly whammy). Or maybe it’s that both my kids decided that 4am was a good time to start the day today. As I’m writing this, I’m desperately waiting for the coffee to hit my system and de-glaze my eyeballs so I can see if Baby O is playing with a toy phone or matches.


Either way, welcome to Monday!

Last week, I made my grand return to the pool after several months away. At the end of summer, the pool closed down for 6 weeks for maintenance and repairs, opened and then closed again for some other unknown issue. Now it’s open, and I was more than ready to head back. It’s been a long while since I did a run followed by a swim so I wasn’t too sure how it was going to go. I did 2 miles on the track and then suited up for some laps. I was pleasantly surprised that my swim went smashingly well. I had always figured that swimming would help my running (which is true) but given how good I felt swimming, I think it’s safe to say that my running is also helping my swimming. A 7km run on Saturday rounded out my running for this week.

I’m also taking part in a 2 week challenge with Mamavation and Bob Harper (yes…that Bob Harper). These have been a nice change of pace from my usual routine and I’m all about keeping things lively. Week one is done and week 2 is this week.

The plan for this week is a run and swim on Tuesday, hopefully a run on Thursday and Saturday as well. I’m still in a transition phase of “what do I do now?” since I have no set training plan. Add that the weather is getting colder and I definitely need to come up with a game plan to stay on track.

While I think of that plan, I best go remove Baby O from Fit Boy’s toy garage as he’s managed to get himself into it and is now stuck.

Have a fantastic week everyone!

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