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Injury Update and Randomness

I wish I was about to announce that my leg flare was a figment of my imagination but sadly…I am not. It’s still sore and I’m walking around like a sad panda wishing it wasn’t the case. BUT…I’m hopeful that this is a short-term injury and nothing anywhere near as tragic as the initial flare was once upon a time. I’m going to see someone later this week that will hopefully be able to offer some insight into cause and how we can work to eliminate the cause. I have my suspicions but we’ll wait and see. For now, no running, and modify anything that brings pain until it eases.

I was able to do my workout last night with no pain so that’s definitely a positive sign. I modified just slightly, more out of precaution than anything else. When I had my Graston treatment right after, she said things didn’t feel too bad and my calf had never felt so good (?!). She may have been a bit delirious given that I went straight to the appointment after the gym and my deodorant had failed about an hour earlier.

I find stuff like this affects me so much more mentally than physically. I can deal with pain (and to be fair, all I’m feeling is a dull ache…but having been at the extreme end of the spectrum with this particular injury, I know what’s just around the corner if I get careless), but the mental side of injury is a struggle for me. I want to do more, I crave more and here I am, not able to move forward. BUT…this is only temporary. I have to keep reminding myself of that. I was able to get 37 decent weeks of pain-free running during my pregnancy with the Little Lady so there’s hope.

In the meantime, I will foam roll the crap out of my leg, track my pain points and await some answers.

I will also get very giddy and excited when deliveries such as this arrive at my door:

So much healthy goodness.
So much healthy goodness.

That sound you’re hearing now is my lameness factor increasing exponentially.

We order our vitamins and a few other products I like (that are cheaper) from Vitacost a few times a year. Flat rate shipping and a billion healthy options to choose from. I love it. And the fact that it’s very near one-stop shopping for products that I use and can’t always find locally (or come at a hefty price if I do), this is awesome.

I’m also excited about my new aeropress. My goodness, how did I survive a day without one?! People…huddle up…because this is seriously the best coffee making device on the planet. I cannot make decent coffee to save me (ask anyone…my coffee is not the highlight of anyone’s day) and this coffee comes out amazing. The only downside is that I want to drink coffee all day. ALL DAY! When I go to bed at night, I think of morning coffee. Probably not the best thing for someone who is trying to keep the coffee consumption down.

Go buy one of these. Right now.
Go buy one of these. Right now.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Stay warm :)

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