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The Post where I get really sick 2 days before Spartan

So this Spartan race is on Saturday. I’ve been training and working hard and though I know it’s going to be so hard and at times excruciating, I was starting to get excited to see just what I’m capable of. Dare I say, I was even developing some confidence to offset the nerves of the unknown? Embracing the strength I’ve built over the past months and also knowing that no one actually cares how I do other than me so there’s no disappointing anyone other than me. And if I go out there and go until I have nothing left in the tank, then I’ve done my best and the end result is of no consequence because no one is actually paying attention!

Then yesterday happened…

I’m in the midst of a bout of insomnia (something I battle in cycles it seems) and was feeling really run down this week. I chalked it up to not enough sleep and went about my week. I did my last pre-Spartan workout yesterday and felt pretty decent. Somewhere between the 10 minute drive home and the entering of my house, I fell apart. Body aches, chills, spike of fever. Whaaaaaat????? I quite literally was knocked on my arse and could barely move. I went to bed at 7:30. It was crazy. This morning, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. My chest is sore, my body is aching all over and my throat is scratchy.

And Spartan is less than 2 days away.

I could honestly cry but I don’t have the energy. I. Feel. Awful.

I’m hoping and praying that as quickly as this came, it will leave and I’ll have something to give on Saturday morning. I hate to think of the disappointment of getting all the way there and then not being able to give it my all because of circumstances outside of my control. For heaven’s sake, I’ve been climbing my fence to see if I could actually get over a wall. Dude…I’m in this! Bah!

So we’ll see what happens. Today and tomorrow are all about lots of rest (God bless you Netflix), stretching, rolling and praying for good health and a butt load of adrenaline to fuel me through a long couple of hours on a hot, humid course.

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