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Manitoba Harvest Pro70 Review

Disclosure: I was provided with two free samples of Manitoba Harvest Pro70 as part of a review campaign with Fit Approach. All opinions are my own.

I think we all know that I love a good smoothie. The creamier the better. But there are days when I wish I could just grab a shaker cup and add some protein, some almond milk and go. Much easier than toting my Vitamix to work (they think I’m weird enough as it is…). The problem is that I much prefer to add my protein powders to smoothies.

Manitoba Harvest has recently come out with a new chocolate and vanilla flavors for their Pro70 hemp protein line. I’m pretty partial to my protein powders and I find Manitoba Harvest is a great addition to my pantry because it’s easy to digest, is safe to take in pregnancy/breast-feeding and is very reasonably priced which gives me a great option when money is tight.

Shiny new packets of goodness.

Shiny new packets of goodness.

About HempPro70:

  • It is the only water soluble hemp protein powder on the market. It’s super smooth and doesn’t need to be mixed by blender (unless of course you want to).
  • It is a pure plant-based protein that’s 95% digestable. Each flavor contains only 4 ingredients.
  • It is sweetened with pure organic coconut sugar, keeping it low on the glycemic index (no sugar spikes)
  • The vanilla flavor has 15g of protein and chocolate has 14g of protein. Both are full of healthy omegas

I was provided with one half portion size of each flavor to try. I would have liked a full serving size to really get a feel for the full flavor of each but decided that this would be a great chance to mix it up with some almond milk and see how everything tasted. I dusted off my shaker cup and gave it a whirl…er…shake.

Bottom's up!

Bottom’s up!

Chug, chug, chug!

Chug, chug, chug!

I first tried the chocolate with regular, unsweetened almond milk. I highly enjoyed it. Even though it was only a half portion, the flavor was yummy. I was actually thinking I could add some raw cacao to it to make it more chocolatey (you can never have too much chocolate….ever). But given that it was a half portion, maybe a full dose would be enough. It would taste wonderful in a peanut butter smoothie and I had visions of making almond butter cups using the Pro70 as my chocolate…mmmmmmm.

Mmmm, chocolate...

Mmmm, chocolate…

Next up was vanilla. I liked it but I most definitely preferred the chocolate. The vanilla was good but I’m a chocolate girl so my preference was pretty obvious :)




Overall, I really enjoyed the product. It was easy on my stomach, tasted good and will be a good addition to smoothies as well as an easy way to get a little extra protein in my day just on its own.

Contest Alert:

Manitoba Harvest invites YOU to share the hemp love and WIN! Take a pictures and tag them (@manitobaharvest) on instagram and/or twitter using the hashtag #pro70 in your comment. Doing this automatically enters you to win a case of your favorite flavor! Don’t forget to let them know if you’re on team chocolate or team vanilla! Contest closes September 30.

UPDATE: You asked, Manitoba Harvest answered: you can offer your readers 20% off the pro70 vanilla and chocolate flavors with the code: sweatpinkpro70. Whoo hoo!! (expires October 31, 2014)


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