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Mayhem Monday: Giving up my food loves

Welp…the week that was, was not one of my finest. It felt like a long, drawn out walk toward the inevitable. Let me back track slightly:

I have a crap stomach. Always have. It bothers me a lot but when I started eating better foods and removing meat from my diet, it was infinitely better. Less cramping, less bloating, less achy and all that good stuff. Over the past few months, all that stuff has been coming back to some degree. The past 2-3 weeks have been the worst. Bloating so bad, I’m horribly self-conscious about my stomach protruding, stomach aches, feeling lethargic all. the. time. I’m so, so, so done with feeling lousy when I should be feeling awesome. I know I don’t have food allergies but likely, I have sensitivities that have been building over time. I’ve looked into elimination diets but most, if not all, don’t cater to vegetarians. I also need a lot of fuel to keep me going and the lists of allowed foods will not do that if I’m not eating meat. So I’m at a loss right now.

Not being one to sit still and do nothing, I’m going to try removing a few items from my diet and see if that helps. Gluten will be the big one. I love bread and I love to eat lots of it. Switching to gluten free oats so I can still have oatmeal. No dairy (though I may still eat eggs, I’m not sure about that one yet), no coffee, no alcohol, no chocolate of any kind other than raw cacao. These things alone may very well kill me to give up. Especially the coffee.

Do I expect to feel better? I’ve felt so crummy for so long, I doubt it. But I’m getting desperate. So we’ll see how this goes. I’m really praying it’s the answer but if it’s not, I’ll keep searching for one…and hopefully not start drinking vanilla extract in the process. And given the fact that I woke up starving to devour my kitchen after a weekend of barely being able to eat normally, it’s definitely going to be an uphill battle.

So wish me luck! And I welcome all advice or resources that have helped you out.


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