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Mayhem Monday: The Elimination Edition

I’m now on day 3 of this elimination, gut-healing diet. As of right now, all members of my family are alive and accounted for and I have not (yet) collapsed into a heap of tears, willing to sell my soul for a plate of roasted potatoes. But again…it’s only day 3. I still have 12 more to go after this.

So why am I doing this? I don’t know. Mostly because I am sick and tired of feeling gross. Constantly without energy, sore stomach, not sleeping well, bloating and feeling like I need a disclaimer tattooed on my forehead stating “it’s just my food baby”. Thankfully, in spite of having a somewhat large head, my forehead would not accommodate so much writing on it. If there is a cause and a possible solution, I’m now in a place where I know I need to entertain that solution, even if it means a couple of months of food-sadness.

And this is where I’m at. I’ve consulted someone who knows a thing or two about bad tummy issues and this is what she thinks is best and a trust her knowledge and expertise. She also knows waaaaaay too much about my poo and I’ll pretty much do anything she says to keep that info under wraps.

So currently, I’m on a fairly restricted plan involving no sugar, no carbs, no fruit, nothing processed, nothing fun, and no caffeine or alcohol. In preparation for this, I ate 2 chocolate bars, a bag of chips and half a bottle of wine. I felt it was necessary. I figured if I felt like complete garbage the morning of the start of this cleanse from eating garbage the night before, maybe the initial dive into this adventure wouldn’t be such the slap in the face. I only partially succeeded. What I should have done was eat a banana. Hindsight…

Truth be told, it’s not so much what I can/can’t eat that’s the hard part because most of the things on my list of approved foods are things I eat anyway, some of them just need to be prepared differently (i.e. steaming my veggies instead of roasting them for example), it’s that I’m hungry and there’s only so much plain yogurt, flax seeds and almonds a person can consume in the name of snacking. I also don’t want to lose any weight doing this and my fear is that it is inevitable because I’m so restricted.

Thankfully, after the initial cleanse, I will be able to expand my diet quite a bit for the remaining 4-6 weeks and will be able to include a few fruits so the worst of this will be done in a couple of weeks. And I’m really hoping this is my answer and that I can start feeling the way I think I should feel because I do take good care of myself and don’t know why I feel so crummy in spite of that.

So for this week, I have plans to be active and have fun but I’ll be taking it day by day and making sure I have enough energy to sustain me through that and if I don’t, I know I have to just take a deep breath and listen to my body. Hopefully by next week, I’ll be feeling a bit more peppy!

Have a great week! And please don’t eat tasty good in front of me. I can’t be held accountable for my actions if you do…

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