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2013: My Year of Running

It’s been a crazy year of running. I’m not going to verbalize too much in this post because if you’ve been with me the last year, you are well versed in my triumphs of the first half of the year and my struggles these last 5 months (with no sign of letting up in 2014). Regardless of the way the year is ending and knowing that 2014 is not looking much brighter in the running department, I would say that this was my best and happiest running year to date. I really found my love of the sport in a way I wasn’t expecting. This makes me grateful, knowing that I’ve come to a place where I truly believe that I can accomplish anything and that there is so much more within my physical being that allows me to push harder than I realized. It also makes me mourn my inability to run that much more. I don’t doubt that I’ll get back to it but right now, running is not on my radar for 2014 (more on that in my goals post, coming up soon).

But rather than dwell, I’ll let the pictures do the talking for me:



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