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Impacting Romania with Burpees

So I’ve eluded to it on several occasions now: The burpee fundraiser. What is it, where is it, when it is and how can you support it? All the answers await you my friends. Here we go…

Burpees for Romania is an annual fundraiser put on by my gym, Fukumoto Fitness (where the very cleverly named Fukumoto Friday’s originated. I know…brilliant, right?!) to raise money to send orphaned children in Romania to a 4 day/4 night summer camp. This is likely the only time during the year that these children will be able to leave the institution where they live and have what we would consider a real kid experience. That’s huge in my mind because summer camp is something I grew up loving and in many ways, take for granted in my every day life. These kids have very little so if I can help contribute a small portion to send one, two or even three kids to camp, to give them the opportunity to experience an unburdened time of joy, excitement and adventure, you better believe I’m going to unearth my A-game for it.

What is a burpee you may be asking? Here’s a video tutorial (sadly, not starring me…maybe in my next life I’ll be a You Tube sensation…)

To give a bit more perspective, it costs about $200 to send one child to this camp. That’s not a lot by our western standards but when you have nothing, it’s near impossible to do and all kids deserve to have the freedom to be kids. If I can do even a small part to make that reality happen for a child, then why the heck wouldn’t I???

What makes this fundraiser cool is that we are banding together as a community to incorporate some healthy fun into the mix. Namely, burpees. For every dollar that I raise, I will be doing 1 burpee between now and May 31. So if I raise $500, I will do 500 burpees. If you know me…I’m still warming up to the idea of burpees. I like them and yet I don’t. I don’t jump out of bed in the morning hoping that the burpee queen will come visit me. That’s just crazy talk. BUT, if she does pay a visit, I do what she asks. So if I’m willing to throw down some serious burpees, you know I mean business.

Now, personally, I think it would be great fun if YOU did the burpees for the amount you donate but in realizing that donations would be fairly non-existent, I think I’ll go ahead and support the burpee payment structure as it’s been set up.

Our goal as a community is to raise $15,000. That’s a lot of kids. Anything over and above that goal will go toward other day camp activities for those kids unable to attend the overnight camp.

Burpees for bucks anyone?
Burpees for bucks anyone?

So what say you? Anyone out there with some extra Starbucks money they can live without for a day? Maybe two days? Want to see me beaten down by the burpee queen for kicks? Maybe yes, maybe no? Burpee me, maybe? Up to you. Watch for some video montages of my total number of burpees being done throughout the month of May. It could be epic, or maybe I’ll only have to do two and it will be horribly anti-climactic.

For more details check out the Fukumoto blog post here.

To donate, head over to the online donation page (credit card welcome and Canadian donations of $20 or more get a tax receipt automatically). If you donate online, please either comment below with the amount, or email me ( so I can track my burpee count. If I can’t count it, I don’t do it :)

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