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Mayhem Monday: Pausing to Exhale

Can you hear that sound???

That’s the sound of me exhaling. Loudly. Repeatedly. Eternally.

Since March, I’ve been in student study mode: Reading after the kids are in bed or on the odd days naps and quiet time overlapped; Going over coaching cues while they play around me. Using them as my little mini-clients to walk out a movement pattern, you name it and I can practically guarantee that at some point in these last 6 months, I did it. In that time, I’ve received certification as a Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and hopefully, Personal Training Specialist (PTS). It’s been crazy but I finally hit the finish line this past weekend writing my last certification exam and completing my practical exam for my personal training certification.

Hello beautiful
Hello beautiful


It has not been easy going through my courses while trying to keep daily life functioning as smoothly as possible. I’ve been tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and at times have wondered how on earth I ever thought I could do this amount of work (and knowing I had next to no prior knowledge or experience in any of it) while being at home with young kids (my youngest was 6 months old when I cracked open my first study manual).

do what the foot note tell you to do.
do what the foot note tell you to do.

But the finish line was never too far out of sight that I felt I needed to stop. And I loved all the knowledge I was soaking in and getting to see it in practice all the time.

And hopefully now, I don’t have to stop because while I wait for my final grades for these last two exams, I know I did well. Truthfully, I don’t know if I passed the written exam. There’s a very good chance that I didn’t quite get the 80% minimum I need to pass. I’ll be disappointed but ok in knowing that it’s not the end of the world, I’ll just have to pull up my big girl pants, study up and try again soon. I do know that I passed the practical exam and did well on it (whoo hoo!!) so at least I’m walking away with some victory in my back pocket.

My Saturday morning exam home!
My Saturday morning exam home!

I have to give a huge kuddos to my awesome hubby on this one. He’s very tolerant of my passionate heart and where God’s leading me but I also know that he doesn’t always understand what makes me tick and that this leads to a lot of frustration on his part. He’s very much a big-picture kind of guy and nothing about this last year has been anything more than a dim lamp showing the next step but nothing more. He’s still supported me as much as he is able to and done the best he can with a situation that perhaps, he’s not very thrilled about. But he was an awesome “client” to train during my practical exam. His form was pretty good too 😉 He definitely kept me calm without having to do anything other than be himself…while pretending to be a man named Jerome who hates exercise…there may have been some similarities there 😉

So now, I await my final grades, will not file my notes away just yet and start looking ahead to the next adventures ahead of me. And believe me…there are some whoppers coming my way in the next 9 months. I can’t wait!!

Have a great week everyone!

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