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Mayhem Monday: Loosening my Grip

Last week kicked my rear. Royally. I could definitely feel the aftermath of the boys birthdays. Too much sugar, not enough sleep and hubby’s busy school schedule made for one exhausted Mama. Thankfully, we made it through but boy, were we tired by the weekend.

Hello beautiful. Recovery wine, party of 1?   Check.
Hello beautiful.
Recovery wine, party of 1? Check.

I also realized that last week was the start of my official training for my race in May. Unfortunately, I realized this a week late. Whoops. BUT I managed to get in a couple of runs so all is not lost. I actually had two of the best MAF runs yet. There were a couple of instances I had to run harder than expected to get my heart rate back up to my max of 140bpm and a couple of times where I hit my max, stayed there for a bit and then saw a few beats of decrease. Awesome! I have yet to run outside (which is starting to drive me nuts because me and my Polar M400 are getting really antsy about being indoors on the treadmill. I want to see what this baby can do outside!), but with February being a thing of the past, it can only mean that warmer weather is just around the corner.


I love good runs that stay in zone. I love runs where all my kids are sleeping even more.
I love good runs that stay in zone. I love runs where all my kids are sleeping even more.


Hello beautiful heart rate. How YOU doin'?
Hello beautiful heart rate. How YOU doin’?

This week is going to be a bit of a slower week and I am welcoming it with open arms. The biggest event planned will take place in a couple of hours when I head off to register my oldest for Kindergarten. I’m in denial that he’s off to a big boy school. Excited for him, but sad that we’re already at this stage. His life and his perspective on it are about to drastically change as he embarks on his journey into the real world. My heart mourns that. I think that I’m now understanding the tears that mothers’ cry when they send their kids to school. We already know what’s out in the world and that a lot of it is beyond our protective grasp. That’s a hard thing to let go of, let alone wrap your mind around. I can only hope and pray he has good teachers, good friends and that we are building a strong foundation at home for him to help him through the coming years.

Nothing counters feeling a bit blue and beat up like BRIGHTNESS!!
Nothing counters feeling a bit blue and beat up like BRIGHTNESS!!

So with that in mind, I’m embracing the recovery of the week. I’m feeling achy and not quite at 100% so this will be good. I’m going to run a couple of days, if possible, and go to my Joga class on Wednesday morning while my parents enjoy some time with my two littles (the oldest will be at preschool). The Little Lady has officially entered the phase of screaming her face off when I leave the house. I love this phase…said no parent ever. Let’s hope it’s short-lived….as in done by Wednesday before my parents refuse to ever babysit again.

Have a great week everyone!

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Mayhem Monday: Meal Prep, Treadmills and Recovery, Oh My!

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