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Things I’m Loving Lately

This edition of things I’m loving lately is all about my feet. My poor, running feet. The summer is so harsh on them: blisters, aches and general malodourousness. I’m usually training for fall races through the summer and although I haven’t ruled out the possibility of a couple of races, my summer priority is obstacle racing (did I really just say that?! Who am I???). This has meant running up a lot of hills, dragging tires behind me (I’m being totally serious…) and still running and training. To say that my feet are in need of some love is an understatement. So it seems fitting that I dedicate part of this post to giving my tootsies some TLC.

1. 2Toms® SportShield: This stuff is basically a chafing and blister product. Any summer runner knows a thing or two about both. It’s not pleasant but it’s an unfortunate reality. And if you’ve spent any time around here, you know that my feet blister like crazy, especially my big toes when I start running longer distances in the heat. Nothing beats that feeling of your toes ripping off your feet to make you want to tack on a few extra miles to your run. Am I right? This stuff is great! Sweatproof, waterproof and it won’t melt (so when I leave it in my car for days on end, all will not be lost). It’s made for anyone who enjoys running, walking, swimming, hiking or just being outdoors in general. It’s also now available at the Running Room, making it easy to find for us poor Canadians!

I love the single use packs. Those will be coming to Spartan with me!
I love the single use packs. Those will be coming to Spartan with me!

2. Moji Foot Massager: This is a pretty neat little device. After the relay I ran over a month ago, my left foot was protesting. All signs pointed to a milder case of plantar fasciitis. Not surprising when I saw a picture of my running form (holy bad). Lots of rolling later and it’s mostly settled down but there is still tightness. This cute little roller is great for relieving sore and tired feet (not just from running but from running around, standing around etc), increases circulation, breaks up scar tissue, relaxes achy feet (does it ever!!). The non-slip base is great because it stays put when I’m rolling my foot over it while I’m working in the kitchen. It’s small and portable so it’s also very easy to throw in my bag if I need it on the go.

How cute is this thing!
How cute is this thing!

3. Vega Sugar-Free pre-workout drink: Ok, so this doesn’t have to do with my feet per-se BUT it does help my feet get moving with a bit more pep. Summer heat and my body do not dance well together. I draaaaaaaaaaaaaag. I love this product pre-workout because it gives me the energy boost I need to get myself moving. I notice a huge difference in the quality of my workouts when I use this, especially for more strenuous workouts. It’s not the easiest to get down but it definitely does the trick! It’s a great way for me to fuel my body to really work hard. (See the awesome Fuel your Better campaign for more great products and tips!)

Pour, shake, drink, conquer.
Pour, shake, drink, conquer.

Your turn: What things are you loving lately??

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