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My First Functional Movement Screen

Yesterday, as I eluded to earlier in the week, was my first official day at my new gym, Fukumoto Fitness, aka the Warehouse. Day one consisted of no workout but rather an orientation and functional movement screen to introduce new members to the gym and also assess where our weak spots are so that we can work to strengthen as well and not get hurt in the process.

It’s really a brilliant process and the fact that most mainstream gyms don’t do this is a shame because they are the ones who see the most clientele coming through their doors just based on the size of their locations.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with the functional movement screen but I found it to be really interesting. The group of 4 that I was in had a great conversation about how surprised we were at how weak some parts were and how strong other parts were. We were definitely surprised. The biggest surprise for me was just how tight my legs really are. Doing a leg raise from a laying position, I could barely get either leg more than 45 degrees before shaking and stretching occurred. Clearly, my years of running and sitting of my duff in an office chair and at home on the couch are making themselves known to me.

Then there was the push-up. Oh push-up…why must you haunt me so?! I had no expectations that I’d actually be able to get myself off the ground (and I did not disappoint!) but what I wasn’t expecting was that the area I needed to strength was my core. Very interesting. Now, I already know my core is weak. Between this:

Introducing my one-pack abs...or ab.
Introducing my one-pack abs…or ab.


and my diastisis recti, I’m kind of a mess in there. BUT now I have a plan on how to get stronger.

New Bling to sport at the gym. I'm going to need longer arms!
New Bling to sport at the gym. I’m going to need longer arms!

I’m really excited to get started training next week. I know it will be a bit overwhelming and that I’ll be served up a good helping of humble pie but I’m not nervous or scared. I’m eager to learn and see how I can make some good changes to my body to help it (and me) function better. I even geeked myself out completely and took “before” pictures that I won’t be sharing here (egad!) until after I’ve been at this awhile. I’m not even going to look at them for at least 6 months but every time I have an updated functional movement screen, I’ll update the pictures and tuck them away. As much as I want to look good, I don’t want this whole experience to be about the “outer”. I want to feel good. I have the same approach when I run. I have no idea what I look like (probably a good thing ;P ) but I know how good running makes me feel.

I can’t wait to update you on this new adventure!

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