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Mayhem “Monday”: The Long Weekend Edition

Disclaimer: I know it’s Tuesday…


Mayhem Monday
Mayhem Monday

The May long weekend here never fails to bring about some pretty crappy weather. It almost guarantees rain. This year, we got snow.



Procrastinating on my garden has never felt so right.
Procrastinating on my garden has never felt so right.

Thankfully, we don’t mind using heat in our house so we made the most of it. :)

This past week was tough. After my CFSC certification day, I got sick. Actually, during certification day, I got sick. I started feeling off around lunchtime and by the time I got home at dinner time, I knew I was getting sick. I haven’t been that sick in a loooooong time but I was taken out for the entire week. Sore throat, body aches, sinus headaches like you wouldn’t believe. And So. Much. Snot. Yuck! It seems that I’m the only one that got really sick but the Little Lady has also been a teething mess too. Up at night screaming, not settling. Man, I was screaming for the weekend. Or for relief. Whichever was going to come first.

Thankfully, severe illness hasn't affected my appetite.
Thankfully, severe illness hasn’t affected my appetite.

Unfortunately, the weekend came first and we’re still dealing with the baby’s inconsistent sleep patterns. No two days have been the same since she was 6 months old. It’s exhausting to say the least but I know it’s just a season and we’ll get through it. Thankfully, for the most part, she’s usually pretty happy during the day so it more than makes up for the Jekyl/Hyde routine we go through every night.

Last week was recovery week at the gym and I was so happy for it. I would NOT have had the energy to do anything. And I didn’t. Even today, I’m still wrestling with sinus headaches and pressure. My goodness!

There was also no running last week. My lungs burned just walking up the stairs so clearly, that was my limit.

I had planned to do the majority of my charity burpees last week too and even had a couple of friends over to have a burpee-a-thon while our kids played (I know you all want to be my friend and partake in my “friend” activities. Don’t deny it). Sadly, I didn’t get much accomplished and pretty much prayed for my own death by the afternoon so I’m needing to get those done soon. Time is running out and I’m itching to finish what I started!

200 down, 585 to go...
200 down, 585 to go…

This week promises to be better. I feel a lot better (though still not 100%), we’re starting a new training phase at the gym and it’s a short week. I’m not sure about running yet. My foot is still off and I don’t know if I have the stamina just yet. I definitely don’t want to get sick all over again.

Have a great week everyone!

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