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Awakening the Teething Beast

Friends…the teething monster has arrived in our house with a vengeance!

My memory may be a little foggy but I don’t recall either of my boys getting teethy until closer to 6 months. I’m fairly certain Mr. O. did cut his first one until closer to 8. Not so with the Little Lady. She has been drooly and sucking on her bottom lip for a couple of weeks now so we’ve been waiting for the beast to emerge.

Last night…she came.

She’s been having some issues with refusing to nap, or only napping for 20 minutes on me and taking exception to being put in her bed at night but for the most part, she hasn’t been too terribly cranky about it.

Last night…she snapped.

In the span of about 10 minutes, she went from happily playing on her mat to full on melt-down. Fast forward 3 hours (3 HOURS!) and she was still going strong. Only this time, she added refusal to nurse to the game. All of the sudden, my secret weapon was render useless. I’d throw in some sassy comment about kryptonite but….yeah, I don’t have one.

She eventually settled but refused to nurse. It broke my heart. Our first nursing strike. This make me sad but we’re hoping it’s short-lived and she goes back to her happy self soon. Otherwise our short list of baby-sitters will dwindle down and we’ll become hermits in our home until she’s in school

So not to end on a sour note, I will share two things that made me smile. The first is that as I’m typing this, my kids are all still asleep. I have had an hour to myself this morning to pray, read my bible and enjoy my coffee while it’s still hot.


Note: 2 minutes after I wrote that, this happened…

Morning snuggles with my mini-me. Neither of us enjoy mornings.
Morning snuggles with my mini-me. Neither of us enjoy mornings.

The second is something my 4 year old said to me the other day that had me spit my water all over myself. While trying to settle a fussy baby to feed her a few days ago, he comes over to me with a very serious look on his face and says “Mama, you better hurry and feed the baby before your milk explodes everywhere!”

You’re welcome.

Anyone have any tried and true teething remedies, I’m all ears. Anything that worked on the boys isn’t working on the Little Lady. Though I’m thinking that maybe I’m supposed to be giving her the Tylenol, not me…

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