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Preparing your baby (and yourself!) for the Holidays with PC Baby Organics

This is the last post in my series of getting baby ready for…that I`ve been working alongside PC Baby Organics to provide some useful tips to making the holidays as seamless and fun as possible! In our last post, we talk the Christmas season and how to navigate what can be the busiest couple of weeks for many people. Enjoy!!

From trimming the tree to tasting treats, the holiday season is sure to surprise and delight your little ones, especially if it’s their first! But, while the holidays bring a wealth of wonderful firsts for baby, it can also cause disruption to their schedule.

The PC® Organics Baby team has you covered this winter to help ensure the season goes smoothly for your family, so your little ones stay happy, safe and sound.

Tick Tock

Try to keep your little one’s schedule as close to their regular routine as possible. Bring your little one to holiday gatherings, but for late evenings or overnights with the family it may be a good idea to bring bed- and bath-time items with you. If dinner goes into overtime, put your little one through their regular night-time routine and find a quiet place to put them to sleep until the party wraps up. This way, you can keep them on their regular routine and avoid undue upsets from being overtired.

Candy Caution

The holidays include a variety of sweet treats in bright and enticing colours that are sure to attract your little one’s attention. Be sure to watch your baby or toddler around sweet treats to ensure they don’t consume anything that could be a choking or allergy hazard.

Special Snacks

Understandably, family and friends often want to feed little ones at a party, but many adult foods aren’t the best choice for your baby or toddler. Why not pack some colourful fruit or age-appropriate baby cookies for them to snack on? These options will make your baby feel included in the festivities while giving you piece of mind that they’re not eating anything they shouldn’t.

A favorite treat for all my kids (and hubby too!)
A favorite treat for all my kids (and hubby too!)

Mealtimes Matter

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it can be easy to forget to focus on family mealtimes and sit down to eat. These changes in schedule and food can sometimes cause tummy upsets for little ones. Try to keep your baby’s meal times as consistent with their regular routine as possible. Offer them their favourite healthy options like President’s Choice® Organics Strained Butternut Squash or President’s Choice® Organics Vegetable and Rice Casserole with Chicken.

Easily mixed in with other foods for a veggie boost.
Easily mixed in with other foods for a veggie boost.

Deck the Halls

Trimming the tree? Be sure to take special care with your décor around the little ones. Skip the tinsel, which can cause a choking hazard, and be mindful of small toys and ornaments. Mistletoe, holly, poinsettias and other plants are commonly used as decorations during the season; however these plants are potentially poisonous and should be kept well out of reach.


Remember that the holidays are most special to the little ones in your life, and everything you do is sure to bring them joy and happy memories for years to come. Include your baby in as many family holiday traditions as possible. From hanging stockings to the Santa Claus parade, be sure to find ways your baby can participate, even in a small way. Additionally, don’t forget to snap photos along the way to capture those precious moments.

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