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10 Must-Haves for Every Fit Mom

1. Jogging Stroller

2. Water bottle

3. Compact diaper bag

4. Sun screen/hat (for you and the kids)

5. Good running shoes

6. Resistance bands (easiest, most portable gym ever)

7. Creativity (jump squats at the park anyone?)

8. Patience (self-explanatory)

9. A plan

10. A back-up Plan (very self-explanatory)

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10 of my (very) Guilty Pleasures (don’t judge)

1. Pizza, the sooner it soaks through the box, the better it tastes 2. Pepsi slurpees 3. Sour Cream’n’Onion Chips 4. Smarties Blizzards 5. Hagan Daaz 6. Artichoke and Adagio dip 7. Skor dip with (or without) apples 8. Broccoli salad with mayo and lots of bacon 9. Bacon 10. McDonald’s french fries. Tomorrow: 10…

10 Reasons not to live with Regrets

1. Living in the past prevents living in the present and planning for the future 2. We learn from all our experiences, both good and bad 3. We learn the most from our mistakes 4. We become stronger through surviving adversity 5. Life is not meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be lived 6.…

10 Reasons to get off Your Butt and Exercise

1. Endorphins are the best drug out there 2. Increases your self-esteem and confidence 3. Reduces stress 4. Helps you lose weight and keep it off 5. Boosts energy 6. Uh…better sex (hello!!) 7. Helps prevent/lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers, to name a few 8. Better quality of…

10 dream jobs I’d love to Have

1. Photographer for National Geographic 2. Host of a travel show 3. Broadway superstar 4. Organic Farmer 5. Aide worker to third world countries 6. Fitness Model 7. Author 8. Carpenter 9. Professional Triathlete 10. Radio Personality   Tomorrow: 10 reasons to get off your butt and Exercise!

10 Items on my Bucket List:

1. Learn to play guitar 2. Sky Dive 3. Run a half Marathon* 4. Complete a Triathlon 5. Learn to swim * 6. See Machu Piccu 7. Become a professionally published photographer 8. Give an inspirational speech in front of a crowd. 9. Change someone’s life for the better. 10. Meet my sponsored child *…

10 beliefs that drive me bonkers

1. Skinny=Healthy 2. Overweight=Sloth 3.You should always work through the pain (no pain, no gain) 4. If you want fast results, you have to commit hours a day to the gym 5.Rapid weight loss is both healthy and easy to maintain 6. Blogging is lame 7. You can out train poor nutrition 8. The number…

10 Reasons I Blog

1. Cathartic release. 2. The freedom to talk about what I want, when I want and how I want. 3. It’s not only introduced me to knew friends, but inspiring and amazing blogs as well. 4. I’ve learned enough to have graduated from Tech-deficient to Tech-dense. 5. I have an outlet to share my passion,…

10 things I’m thankful for.

1. My health and my ability to control and improve it 2. My son because he’s taught me more about myself in 15 months than I have in 31 years. 3. My body, because it’s perfectly imperfect. 4. Spellcheck. 5. My friends. This shy mama does not make friends easily so the few who have…