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Mayhem Monday: Pausing to Exhale

Can you hear that sound??? That’s the sound of me exhaling. Loudly. Repeatedly. Eternally. Since March, I’ve been in student study mode: Reading after the kids are in bed or on the odd days naps and quiet time overlapped; Going over coaching cues while they play around me. Using them as my little mini-clients to… Continue Reading

What Perfect Feels Like

As summer winds down and the temperatures start cooling off a bit, admit it…you’re already thinking a bit about winter and possibly that winter getaway you know you’re going to need come December. Maybe some of you have already indulged in a PSL to gear up for fall and back to school. I can’t say… Continue Reading

The New Normal and a Chaotic Week

This week is an absolutely bonkers week for us. Like…whoa. It’s the week where we have no doubt at all that summer is over and fall schedules are ready to slap us hard in the face. Not in a bad way, more of a wake-up call kind of way. Yesterday, my big, little boy went… Continue Reading