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Pregnancy 3.0 Questions Answered

I’m always amazed at the amount of questions I get about my routine, my habits and now that 3.0 is a reality, how I’m going to navigate a rapidly expanding belly. One thing I’ve definitely noticed this go ’round is how incredibly different this pregnancy is from my previous two. I know that every pregnancyContinue Reading

Mayhem Monday: The Maternity Edition

Now that our big secret is out, I feel so much better. Not that it going to stay a secret much longer anyway. With my very rapidly expanding belly and my not-so-rapidly expanding pants, it was getting a bit painful trying to pour myself into normal clothes. Even with the belly band, it’s pretty uncomfortableContinue Reading

Pregnancy 3.0: 14 week bump and a huge Thank You!

First off, I have to say a great big thank you! I was overwhelmed by the comments, tweets, emails, texts and facebook messages of congrats over baby 3.0! There have definitely been moments where I wasn’t sure about this news and have felt very scared at the though of having another baby but the loveContinue Reading

How Quickly Life can Change

You may have noticed that 2014 hasn’t gotten off to the start I was anticipating. Still injured, and our house has been sick for what seems like an eternity. It’s been a slow start to the year and admittedly, it feels like we’ve been in 2014 for a lot longer than we have. I’ve feltContinue Reading

Mayhem Monday: Day Dates, Tummy Issues and (another) Blizzard

Happy St. Patty’s day! No green beer for this Mama this year. I woke up with a flaming tummy today. Mis-er-a-ble. I think it has something to do with dinner out last night. My IL’s had gift cards to the Keg they needed to use so we all went there. Being that it’s a steakContinue Reading

Scenes from the Week

Mayhem…Wednesday? Taking an unplanned internet hiatus

I’m back!! We had a minor snafu with our internet last week. We had made the decision to get rid of cable to focus more on quality time and less time on mindless couch-denting. We had also decided to switch our land line (yes…we still have one of those) to network into our cell networkContinue Reading

Never a dull moment when you’re a Boy Mom

This week started like many others. Fit Boy had (yet another) ear infection and fever and was home for a couple of days. I stayed home with him and Mr. O. on Monday and hubby stayed home with them yesterday so I could get come work done at the office. My favorite part of whenContinue Reading

Mayhem Monday: Cold weather and a day date with my love

Well hello March. Glad you decided to stop in. Too bad you didn’t bring Spring-like weather with you. My only consolation to the deep freeze (-50C with wind) weather is that there are places in Canada that have been colder. Not sure how that’s possible but alas, this is winter. Last week, I managed 2Continue Reading

Running Injury Update: How am I REALLY doing?

I haven’t talked much about my running injury in the past few weeks other than to mention if my leg has been sore on a run or not. I figured it was time to give you an update on my progress and how I’m doing and where my running is right now. First, a quickContinue Reading