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Where I’ll be in 2015-My Ambassador Roles

When I started this diary over 4 years ago (whoa!) I had no idea where I was going. Quite literally. I was suffering through postpartum depression, I was a new mom and I was about as lost a soul as you can imagine. It was the darkest time in my life and this site, my random musings were a part of what saved me. Those times are largely behind me but for some reason, God ignited a fire in me to continue writing (sadly, there was no grammar fire built in. For that, I apologize) and as I’ve gone from mom of 1 to mom of 3, juggled work, home, and everything in between, I never thought this site would become a tangible extension of myself, of my life, of my struggles. And yet, here I am, still writing.

In the course of this time, I had the opportunity to represent and work with some pretty amazing brands/people. Some have come and gone, some have grown over time but all in all, I consider myself very privileged to have had the opportunity to represent companies that, as a paying consumer, I would endorse anyway. Some have helped me in my journey as a mom and others have helped me in my journey as a runner and athlete.

As 2015 has rolled in, and as my need to slow down and spend more time in stillness and focus on my future has started to stir in me and consume a lot of the real estate in my brain, I’m being more selective about the type and amount of work I’m taking on. Don’t worry, I’ll still be around. After all, I have about 5 readers now that hang on my every word. Can’t disappoint ;)

So where will you find me this year? Well, I am both happy and very proud to confirm that I will be working with the following brands on an ongoing basis through 2015 as an ambassador. Know that these are brands that I have spent my own money on and have had great experiences with. They are companies I would recommend to my closest of friends and will continue to use even if my role as ambassador should discontinue in the future.


1. PROCompression: I just love these guys. Not only do they have a great, supportive group of about 50 ambassadors in North America, they offer affordable, quality products. Not to mention awesomely fun designs. I honestly don’t know how I ever ran without compression socks. They make for some very happy legs. I’m thrilled they have asked me to stay on through 2015. Stay tuned for a discount code that will net you some savings in their awesome online store!

Polar Canada
Polar Canada

2. Polar Canada: As I embark on a journey into heart rate training, this company couldn’t have crossed my path at a better time. I first purchased an FT40 about 1.5 years ago to track my cross training and see how my heart rate was correlated with how my training was going. Closer to when the Little Lady was getting ready for her arrival, I was lucky enough to be contacted to review the Polar Loop and shortly thereafter, was brought on as a Canadian Ambassador and will remain in my role through 2015. Currently, I’m working with the Polar M400 and will have a more detailed post about that in the coming weeks. Trust me when I give you a teaser that this watch is stunning! I love this company and love that they are reaching out to the Canadian market place the way they are. I’m very honoured to be given the chance to represent them this year.

For Two Fitness
For Two Fitness

3. For Two Fitness: Though my role here will be less so because I’m no longer pregnant and there are no future fit babies in the plan, I will still be letting you know about any sales they have or contests/giveaways they run. This is hands down the best line of maternity apparel I have owned and the fact that their tops saw me through 3 pregnancies and still looked and fit well speaks to the quality that going into their gear.

Disney Baby
Disney Baby

4. Disney Baby Canada: Another role I was excited to take on, especially as we prepared to welcome the Little Lady into our family. I adore Disney products and so far, everything has stood up to the various uses and abuses of 3 kids. They also offer fun tips and tricks for parents and kids alike. They are a wonderful brand and an amazing company to work with- very genuine and caring. Something that doesn’t always come across when you read a post but trust me when I say, they care as much about those who represent them as they do their brand. Look for more on this front closer to Spring time. I don’t know what they have in store for us but I’m sure it will be awesome!

There you have it! I’ll also be working within the FitFluential and Fit Approach networks I’ve been a part of for the last couple of years but those opportunities are more sporatic in nature. I’m sure other opportunities will present themselves as the year rolls on and I’ll be sure to update you on any of that as it comes about.

I hope you’ll continue to join me on this crazy ride I’m on. I can only promise that it’s going to get crazier. Mostly because I’m getting crazier.

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