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Mayhem Monday: Revisiting Winter

Another quick week has gone by. And with it has brought Spring break to our house. Not that it’s felt much like Spring here with a couple of days with a lot of this stuff hitting the ground:

Well played winter. Well played.
Well played winter. Well played.

Thankfully, it didn’t stick around too long but it definitely put a damper on my mood. Especially after being able to run outside in capris and a tee just a week before. Boo! Oh well. I got over it.

Last week I was really feeling the affects of weeks of the Little Lady not sleeping well and me having trouble sleeping on top of that. I. Was. Exhausted. I was dragging all week but would perk right up the second I’d collapse into bed. Argh!! Worst ever. By Thursday night, my body was done. I slept so solidly, that I didn’t hear the baby wake up and thankfully, she put herself back to sleep both time she (apparently) woke up. Friday was another dead sleep for me but I woke up with her at 5 or 5:30, which is much more tolerable. Saturday night, all the kids were in bed by 8:30pm and I was tucked in at 8:41pm. I slept until 6 when the baby woke and then back to bed until 7:30. Yep. Wild Saturday night for me. But boy did I need that sleep.

I was still dragging a bit on Sunday when I went for my run but once I got out there, I felt good. I actually ran my fastest average MAF pace (15:32/mile) AND my fastest overall mile (14:35). Yay! The only thing I noticed was in my last two long runs outside, my last full mile running has been faster than my prior two miles. According to MAF principles, your miles should get progressively slower as your heart works to maintain it’s pace. I know that I had a lot of wind to contend with on both runs and I was able to run a faster pace with the wind at my back so I’m hoping that’s the reason. I need to look into this a bit more.

Happy to be outside!
Happy to be outside!
Mini-trail where I nearly lost my shoe in the mud.
Mini-trail where I nearly lost my shoe in the mud.

Otherwise, I did my two workouts at the gym, my home workouts and 2 runs. I’m happy with that!

Now that it’s nearly April, I’m starting to get really excited for the Police Service Half Marathon relay I’m running in just over a month. It’s been nearly a year since my last race and though I have no expectations outside of just enjoying the course, crossing the line with my relay buddy and soaking in the running community, I can’t wait. I have no time goal expectations and really, just want to go and have a good time.

This week, more of the same. It’s my last week in my current training phase at the gym so I’m hoping to finish strong (i.e. not drop lose the sandbag over my head…not that I’ve ever done that once, let alone twice…la-la-la-la-la) and embrace recovery week next week. I have 7 miles on tap for the long weekend, which according to my MAF pace, should take me about 5 hours to complete. I better make some snacks ;)

Have a great week everyone!

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