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Mayhem Monday: On my own again, plus a Disney Giveaway

After two weeks with an extra set of hands, Hubby is officially back to work today. I’m not entirely sure how this week, or even today is going to go but I’m guessing it will involve a lot of patience and even more coffee to get through. The Little Lady is nearly 2 weeks old and as easy a baby as she has been so far, it’s still exhausting having a new baby in the house. She always seems to have a period of sleep that exceeds my boys’ wake-up time by at least an hour. Hubby has been getting up with the boys so I could take advantage of that. Now that he’s back at work, it’s up to me to get up with the boys. The good thing is that I get to have breakfast with them again and hopefully get a mostly hot cup of coffee in my veins before the baby wakes for the day.

Liquid gold.

Liquid gold.

As far as how I’m feeling, this past week has definitely been better and I started feeling more “normal” again. Still tired but less so, which I’m hoping is translating to my body adjusting to the work of healing from major surgery, feeding a very hungry little girl and being up numerous times per night.

Post-shower (!!) cuddles with my favorite Little Lady

Post-shower (!!) cuddles with my favorite Little Lady

I also finally feel like I’m healing. That first week I felt like every day was more of a struggle than the last so to finally feel like some of the swelling and bruising is finally going down is nice. I can actually take full steps now and am no longer shuffling through the house like I’m 100 years old. Progress. I still need to be cautious about how much I lift and carry, especially after tearing part of my incision last week. My max lifting weight is supposed to be 10lbs which should make lifting my 29lb toddler onto the toilet and in/out of the van plus my 9lb baby in her car seat a bit of a challenge. Oh well, I’ve done it before and I’m sure I’ll survive doing it again :)

Testing out the Ergo carrier while the boys burnt off some energy outside.

Testing out the Ergo carrier while the boys burnt off some energy outside.

We’ve also been extremely blessed to have a multitude of meals provided for us this last week and no less than 3 coming this week. I’m extremely humbled by everyone’s generosity and willingness to help us out. It will make the meals I prepped in advance last a lot longer which will save me a lot of time when I’m exhausted after a day chasing my monkeys around.

I was also blessed with a beautiful gift from my friends at Disney baby this week which was so lovely and unexpected. My boys have already taken Eeyore and claimed him as their own. The Mickey diaper shirt is beyond adorable. Thank you again Disney!

So thankful for the thoughtfulness of others.

So thankful for the thoughtfulness of others.

Speaking of Disney, I have a giveaway to post for this month still! This one is great because it gives you something for more than just baby. The pacifiers and bottle are fantastic but I love that it also included a Monsters Inc. softpal nightlight that my boys are enjoying very much. I’m totally excited to give away a prize pack to one lucky Canadian reader out there! Enter below for your chance to win one of these sets for yourself or a mom-to-be that you know:

Disney Baby has one of these for one lucky Canadian!

Disney Baby has one of these for one lucky Canadian!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be notified by email next weekend and will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Good luck to everyone entering!

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