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#MoveNourishBelieve with Lorna Jane and Sweat Pink: Week 2

We’re back for another week of this really cool Move, Nourish, Believe campaign from Fit Approach and Lorna Jane. If you missed it, last week, we pinned to pinterest, all our ways we can Move. This week, the focus shifts to Nourishing our bodies in new and delicious ways. Check out last week’s post for more details about the contest and what you can win at the end of it all!

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Nourish Week: April 13 – April 20

Your Challenge: Week 2 has us take on Nourish week. Your challenge is to visit and pin images of at least 10 new recipes or nourishing secrets you’ve never tried before. Raw raspberry cheesecake, clean chocolate bark, gluten-free pizza, the choices will surprise, amaze and inspire you. I know this pregnant Mama is literally drooling over the recipes on the site!

How To Enter:

1. Visit and pin at least 10 images of nourishing recipes or nourishing tips. (Call your Pinterest board “Lorna Jane Spring Clean – Nourish Week”)
2. Tweet us a link to your board @lornajaneactive (so we know where to find it) and tag it #lornajanespringclean
3. Promote & share your pins with the world with the hashtag #lornajanespringclean. (Earn bonus points with our judges by sharing photos of you making these nourishing delights.)

Here’s my board for reference (and repins!)

Happy Pinning and we’ll see you back here next week for your week 3 challenge!

About Move, Nourish Believe

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This is our commitment to you, to now make it easier than ever before to access all things Move Nourish Believe, anytime anywhere.

Move Nourish Believe will serve as your roadmap to active living, guiding you towards a healthier and happier existence.



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