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Mayhem Monday: Bring on the Heat!

This weekend was a scorcher! First super hot weekend of the summer (better late than never). I think we pretty much saw it all, from freak thunder showers to rainbows to blistering hot sunshine. It was an awesome weekend to celebrate a very cool guy in my life: my hubby!

Technically, his birthday isn’t until tomorrow but we like to do lots of celebrating so we kicked it off by having his family over for a BBQ dinner. I’ve never considered myself to be amazing in the kitchen and food prep for the masses is a bit intimidating to me but I think we pulled it off really well. Our BBQ is so tiny (it was great when it was just the two of us but even grilling for us and the boys requires us to batch cook) that we had to use the oven for part of the meal which was painful to turn on in temps close to 40C with humidity. But it was well worth it to smell the amazing food once it was all done. It was so good, I didn’t even get a picture because we just dove right in! The cheese cake for dessert was delightful too. Mmmmmmm. We still have more celebrating to do this week!

We also managed an outting to the park with the boys. Fit Boy is getting really good at riding his bike and gets so excited to ride it whenever he can. Thankfully, we live close to a bunch of different parks so while we loaded Mr. O. up in the Thule Chariot (insisting on wearing his helmet, like his big brother) and walked, FB rode his bike along the path to the park. What’s fun is when I run alongside him and we pretend to race. Naturally, he takes advantage of my big belly and slow pace to completely destroy me but it’s a lot of fun and comes with a lot of laughs. I hope he’ll want to ride beside me next year when I’m in better shape and (hopefully) a bit faster sans baby belly.

Family time at its finest!

Family time at its finest!

Otherwise, I went for a short run on Tuesday at work, did my prenatal workouts at home a couple of times and went for a much needed massage to work out the kinks in my lower back. It was horridly painful but I felt oh-so-good after.



32 weeks pregnant

32 weeks pregnant

his week, more of the same. I haven’t gone running outside in a few weeks because it’s either been storming or too humid for the time of day I have the opportunity to go. I’m really hoping to get a couple more runs outside before I have to temporarily hang up my running shoes (which will probably be soon because dang!! This baby just keeps growing and growing. I think I’m going to birth a toddler at this rate!).

Have a great week everyone!

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A Day at the Spa

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