Inviting Imagination with Disney Junior and Tomorrowland

Disclosure: I am partnering with Disney Junior and was compensated for my time. All opinions and excitement are my own.

As my kids get older, it is starting to get harder and harder to find ideas for gifts for them for the holidays. Both my boys have February birthdays so the winter ends up being one big dump of stuff that they spend the rest of the year losing all the little pieces enjoying. The problem is, aside from the overload of gifts from family is that I have a really hard time finding things that will stimulate their imaginations as well as occupy some of their time during these cold winter months when getting outside is nearly impossible. I want them to experience play the way I did growing up: not filled with fancy devices that do the thinking and playing for them while they zone out and watch but something that will engage them and fill their heads with new adventures that they can play out together.

This year, Disney Junior has launched a series of toys designed to do just that: engage.

I know two boys who are going to be very busy coming up with space adventures come Christmas morning!

They sent us this set based on Tomorrowland and I already know my boys are going to be over the moon (slight pun intended) with excitement when they open it up. I think what excites me the most is that since we don’t have TV, they don’t know who Miles is or the premise of the show and that is totally OK because they will have the opportunity to create a world for Miles that is all their own and it’s going to be amazing to watch! Then, when they do encounter the real Miles one day, it will only add to their fun, or perhaps reignite it in a whole new way.

Thank you Disney Junior for inviting imagination back into play time! This Mama is sure excited to see it in action in a whole new way this holiday season!

Lots of options for play and adventure
Lots of options for play and adventure
So much fun!
So much fun!

To kick off the launch of Disney Junior, December 1, the epic storytelling of Disney’s The Lion King continues with the prime time television movie event, The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. Then on Saturday, December 5, the fairy-tale inspired animated series Goldie & Bear, based on the renowned porridge incident of “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” will debut with two back-to-back episodes. For the month of December, Disney Junior presents “Magical Holidays” featuring festive premieres and new episodes of Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Miles from Tomorrowland, Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, Sofia the First and more.

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