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Disclaimer: I was provided with a pair of prescription glasses at no cost to myself in exchange for posting an honest review of my experience with Firmoo and the quality of the product. All opinions are my own.

Back in the Spring, I wrote a review for Firmoo glasses. You can read that review here if you’re interested. It’s been a few months and I’m happy to report that my glasses have so far, stood the test of time and trial. They’ve served me very well and I’ve actually been able to enjoy a few contact-lens-free days as a result which has been great to let my eyes breath a bit.

Firmoo reached out again and asked if I wanted to re-review their processes. Given that the little lady is 13 months now and grabbing at anything she can get her little pudgy hands on, I really couldn’t say no to an insurance pair of glasses to have on hand for the day I’m not quite quick enough and she breaks them.

New specs
New specs

Once again, I was provided with a code and a selection of frames to choose from. Because I’m a returning customer, all my information was already saved in my account, including my prescription and measurements so once I’d chosen a frame, the rest was very easy.

I’ll let you read over the pros and cons of Firmoo in my last post because it’s really the same this time around. My glasses were ordered, processed and delivered in less than one week. Amazing! They’re cute and lightweight which is always a plus when you have a heavy prescription like I do. In fact, I don’t really notice them when I’m wearing them.

Seeing crystal clear in spite of a slow coffee morning.
Seeing crystal clear in spite of a slow coffee morning.

I priced out what this pair of glasses would cost me as a paying customer and included thinner lenses, anti-reflective coating and anything else I consider to be a must for myself. The total cost was just over $100. That’s pretty good compared to the $500-$600 I’m usually quoted (and some as high as $900…yikes!)

Overall, still happy with Firmoo and the speed of their services. If you’re interested in trying them out, check out their 15% off deal on frames for first time customers!

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