Fukumoto Friday: Week 41

So, I feel like I should put a slight disclaimer on what’s about to go on for the next couple of weeks: I will be crabby, grumpy and possibly at times…incoherent. I will also be joyful, excited and pinching myself. The reason for the latter will be the topic for next week. The reason for the former I’ll touch briefly on now so that when the 6 of you read what I write over the next bit, you won’t wonder if I’ve finally taken a nose dive off the deep end of my sanity (sooooooo very close!!!)

I’ve had some pretty nasty stomach issues over the last few years. Really culminating since the little lady was born last fall. I’ll spare you the details of the bloating, stomach aches, and such and just say that most of the time and especially over the last 6 months I just plain don’t feel good. Not bad enough that I can’t function somewhat normally but crappity none-the-less. No energy, all around exhaustion, feeling hungry but then sick after I eat. Stuff like that. It’s been a pain. I suspected a sensitivity to gluten and got rid of that a few months ago and definitely saw some good improvement. I’ve even added free-range chicken back into my diet a couple of times a month to see if that would help (that’s a topic for another day because believe me…it has not been an easy transition for me to go through…). I’ve definitely felt better but still not great. I eat a fairly good diet, minimal processed foods, I burn my food cook mostly from scratch, drink tons of water etc. I also don’t deprive myself either. If I want a treat, I’ll eat it. Moderation can be a bit tricky sometimes and maybe buying the Costco size bag of Brookside chocolate covered “berries” (aka berry-flavoured temptress) isn’t the smartest thing when you have two relentless snackers in the house. But…well balance. Or a good attempt at it.

I’ve had my history looked at by a holistic naturopath and we are hopefully onto some answers and solutions. But this, of course, means some drastic measures. Our theory is (ok…her theory…I’m just the yes-man in this sketch) that my gut is messed up and we need to get rid of an overflow of bad bacteria and start building up the good bacteria.

So what does this mean? Sadly…an elimination diet.

<insert me sobbing uncontrollably>

Overall, it’s not going to be too drastic and I can work with a lot of what’s in front of me. The hardest part will be the first 2 weeks where I have about 3 food options to eat (on the plus side, meal planning for me will be a breeze!). For those that may not be aware, here is a little tidbit about me: I. Love. Food. Loooooooooooove food. Giving up that which I love in the way that I love to eat it is painful for my little warrior’s heart. But I also want to feel better, have the energy that I should have given the lifestyle that I lead and so this is a necessary step.

Basically, I’ll be on a drastic elimination for 15 days (no sugar, no starch, no bread/pastries etc). After that, I’ll do about a month of restricted foods (but with way more options than the initial diet) and then see where things are at.

So why is this going in my Fukumoto Friday post? A few reasons:

  1. I had nothing else to write about this week.
  2. I’ll likely be mentioning this fun journey ahead of me because it will directly relate to how I’m feeling and how the workouts go for me over the next phase.
  3. I want pity.
  4. I don’t really want pity.
  5. Ok…I kinda do. Pity me!

So I apologize in advance for any lamenting. I’m seriously going to try and be a big girl about it but I know the first week is going to be tough. As I type this I have my kids in front of a Veggie Tales movie so that I can enjoy my last cup of coffee for the foreseeable future hot and delicious. I also have half a bottle of wine to dispose of. Any takers?

Just kidding…I’m totally drinking it myself.

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

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