Fukumoto Friday: Week 37

So it’s entirely possible that I may have forgotten to update last week. But I come by it honestly. It was recovery week, we had some family stuff to deal with and I was in a classroom on Thursday and Friday for 11 hours. Each. Day. My body is still recovering from sitting on my duff for that long. As is my brain. So…what I’m saying is…I had nothing to say and my brain lacked the appropriate amount of real estate to come up with anything witty and original (because we all know I have wit coming out my…well…you get it).

This week, lots going on. First off, this is the first week in the new facility and let me just say that it is GORGEOUS in there. Wow. The amount of hard work that went into the planning and designing and implementing did not go unnoticed. It’s beautiful and the excitement of being in there for that “first” workout was felt all around. It was pretty cool.

These two tough guys where their "ink" proudly.
These two tough guys where their “ink” proudly.

Because we had my grampa’s funeral on Wednesday and family in town that we wanted to see, my Thursday workout will actually be happening later today. Kinda sad because rumour has it there were pushups in Workout B. I’ll get after those next week. I really liked workout A on Monday. It was a great (read: hard) combination of last phases workouts only this time, done in super sets (which I LOVE!). When I hit the hills on Tuesday, I definitely felt my tired legs reminding me what I did the day before.

Speaking of hills…I think I had my best hill workout to date this past week. I don’t know what it was or anything but everything aligned perfectly. I know I’ve said before that hill training is no joke and I kind of dread it the entire day leading up to it because the intensity requires good, smart fueling that I’m still trying to figure out since having to give up gluten (that’s an entirely separate journey…my goodness has it been a process!). I’ve had some pretty awful hill runs, regular runs and training days because I’m still trying to find the right combination for me. I think I’m getting close and if how good I felt on Tuesday (i.e. only praying for death once or twice as opposed to every ascent up the hill :) ) is any indication, I will be one happy girl. Sadly, I think I only have one hill training session left and then I’m done for the summer. I need to figure a way to get there and train on my own (i.e. find some motivation to haul my sorry arse up that hill on my own as opposed to having a group to motivate me).

As a quick end to this epic of a post, one of my big goals back in November (and all my life really) was to do an unassisted chin-up. I haven’t exactly been working on that goal because our basement doesn’t work well for a bar of any kind and hubby was less than enthusiastic about having one in the yard. Well…I’m happy to report that a compromise has been reached and I can now start working toward that goal! I definitely won’t be there by November because I have a long way to go but it’s a start and I am determined to get there by next summer!

There will be a swing for the kids on there...eventually :)
There will be a swing for the kids on there…eventually :)


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