Fukumoto Friday: Week 35

This is a pretty monumental week. End of phase, end of studying (for one whole week) and the end of training at the current Fukumoto Fitness location. After recovery week next week, we’ll be training at a brand new location. It’s pretty exciting. I’ve been to it a couple of times helping with painting and it looks phenomenal. I’m so excited to step onto the new training floor at the beginning of next phase. It’s going to be pretty amazing!

Fukumoto Friday
Fukumoto Friday

I think this phase was a great swan song to the current facility. It challenged me, allowed me to see progress, and saw me conquer something new, scary and in the end, fun. Not many people take steps toward something that scares them and I find myself stepping out of that fear more and more as the weeks go by. Part of that is personal growth but a part of that is also the comfort of doing new things with others who are also stepping out of their comfort zone. You can’t measure the support but you sure can get lost in it, and that’s a good thing!

When I think back to the gal who walked through those doors on day 1, full of butterflies and frustrated at how weak I and constantly injured I was, I’ve already come so far. I’m strong and I’m capable and though I sometimes lose sight of that when insecurity and frustration pop into my head, it’s never there for too long. Slamming big ropes and swinging a kettle bell have a way of melting your frustrations away.

So as we move into the next phase (in more ways than one!), I’m excited to see what’s in store at the new facility, not just for me, but for everyone there. As stoked as I am about seeing my own continued progress, there’s an undeniable high I feel when I see others are doing the same!

The best is yet to come! Enjoy today!


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