Fukumoto Friday: Week 33

I looooooooooooove this phase! Love. It. The workouts are stellar! Most of the time, I love the workouts but after 4 weeks, I’m ready to switch it up. Not so this phase. I could easily do these two workouts for many more weeks and find challenge and progression in them. I love the pace and the fact that we don’t stay at one station for too long before moving around the room. And I get to slam ropes. My ultimate stress reliever (and believe me, there is some stress that accompanies a non-obedience 3 year old that has needed an outlet!). It’s one of those phases where you can really see progress from week 1 to week 4 and since I’m all about the goal setting, I feel right at home. Add in the 0% burpee tally and well…happy :) (I might be less happy when I’m doing my 500 penalty burpees at Spartan next weekend and wishing I’d remembered to practice more…)

Fukumoto Friday
Fukumoto Friday

Even coming into this phase, I’ve been able to see progress from previous times doing similar movements.My pistol squats are getting better! I lost my ability to do my single unassisted one (grr) but I’m working on the balance I need using resistance bands. I’m hoping to reduce the resistance by week 4 for at least one or two rounds. I feel like I could do it now but I need a good dose of confidence (or a swift kick from my coach) to actually try it. Maybe next week….we’ll see :)

I’ve also noticed a great improvement with cleaning the sandbag and overhead press. My sandbag-to-face percentage has gone way down. My teeth and nose are eternally grateful. As is my vanity. I *almost* feel ready to grab a heavier sandbag but I don’t know if I can press it overhead. Tough call. I’m sure no one has ever knocked themselves cold with a sandbag but I’d hate to be the first. Oh the dilemma! I may need some more time with this. I definitely feel the ease of the weight now.

And finally, the kettle bells. I freaking love these things and yet they make me curse. This go round, there’s 1-arm swings (boom!) and I even get to put some extra skills to the test cleaning and squating with it racked. Looooooove! And again, the next size bell is calling out to me but I just don’t know if I’m ready. The one I use now feels too light but the next weight up feels soooooooo daunting and heavy. I have noticed that my grip strength has climbed mountains in the last month or so, so I’m not worried about dropping it (famous last words). I definitely feel like I could squat heavier. Curse my weak-sauce upper body strength. Why must you fail me?! We’ll see what the next week brings.

I’ve also realized that if I plan to come anywhere close to meeting one of my original goals of one (yes one…trying to be realistic here) un-assisted chin-up by week 52, I need to actually have a better game plan than hanging from a crooked tree branch that may or may not snap and break more than just my ego. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get there because I can barely move an inch but I plan on being as close as possible come that time. I am most definitely not putting this one aside.

So many goals…so little time!

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