Fukumoto Friday: Week 31

This has been the recovery week that wasn’t. And I love it :) We learned some new movements with the sandbag earlier this week which are challenging to my coordination to say the least, but the challenge of them is awesome. I think this next phase is going to be really tough but with a few new things thrown in the mix, it should be sweet.

Fukumoto Friday
Fukumoto Friday

I also took part in a special training class geared specifically for the Spartan race I’m doing in less than one month (eek). This was by FAR, the hardest workout I have ever done. Ever. But at the same time, I kinda surprised myself with what I was able to do. Firstly, let me say this: Spartan burpees are no joke. Like…not even a sarcastic laugh…they are tough!! By the end of the hour (ok, well before the end…), I could barely get myself off the ground. If there was ever motivation to make sure I get my pasty white arse over an obstacle, it’s the alternative of doing 30 of those bad boys for every obstacle I can’t get myself through. Daaaaaang! So that wasn’t the part that surprised me, I knew they would be tough, tough, tough. What had me nervous was the rope climb. I have never been able to climb a rope in my life. I’ve never been able to even hang from a rope. I have never had any kind of upper body strength. It’s always been my downfall. I actually got up that darn rope! Me! The one my husband likes to remind is the scrawniest one in the room, always. Wow. I was too tired to show it but on the inside, I was singing. I didn’t get up every time, sometimes I only made it halfway before I couldn’t go any further but I did do it and I’m so proud of myself. I have some work to do with getting my feet around the rope (it looks so easy in theory…not so much in practice). It kept sliding out from between my feet. Not too sure how to get grip tighter. When I did, I got up that rope so much easier. Now, I just have to be able to go twice that high.

Spartan bruising.
Spartan bruising.
Just can't take me anywhere.
Just can’t take me anywhere.

After that fun workout, we made our way to the hill and spent 45 minutes hauling more than just our tired bodies up and down. We all had bags with weights added to carry up and down. That was less fun. I nearly died walking up the hill. Definitely no running with weight for this delicate flower. I weighed my bag and it was 43lbs….apparently I think I’m a powerhouse. Either that or all that rope climbing went to my head. No wonder I could barely get up the hill. Methinks a may need to find something a bit lighter for next week :) Lesson learned.

Surprisingly enough, I’m not very sore today. I thought I’d be a hot mess of aches but I’m good outside of a tender shoulder and some massive bruises that look bad but don’t hurt.

That was my recovery week. Feels good! I’m still nervous about Spartan but I’m also really excited to tear up the course and see what I can really do!

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