Fukumoto Friday: Week 28

This is getting written a bit later than usual on account of one very special 5 year old having his Spring concert and preschool graduation this morning (I seriously can’t….the cuteness…gah! It was too much. But no tears, just a lot of beaming pride that translated into too many hugs and kisses to thoroughly embarrass my son. It was epic).

Fukumoto Friday
Fukumoto Friday

And once again, I’m changing things up! I’ve decided to attempt the Dirty Donkey obstacle course this summer. Remember back a couple of years ago, I was going to participate but got injured about 2 weeks before and it just couldn’t happen that year. So I suppose that this year is my redemptive year for that race. The gym also happens to be doing some extra training to help those of us who have no idea what we’re doing who are new to obstacle racing and want to do a bit of extra prep work ahead of time. Coincidence? Well…kinda. Either way, I’m on board so I’m back to working out on Saturdays so that my Tuesday’s are open for this training. It’s gonna be interesting!

So that means that I’ll be sampling the weekend workout tomorrow morning to see what it’s all about. Good times! I actually find that I prefer working out in the morning. I’ve always enjoyed running in the morning and so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. If hubby didn’t have to leave for work so early, I would definitely workout bright and early during the week as well (but let’s be clear here…I’m not saying that I’m a morning person…that’s just crazy talk…).

Given that we’re in a unilateral phase, it’s of no surprise that I, along with everyone else, has one side that’s weaksauce compared to the other. My right leg is quite weak and my left arm is also weak. I have noticed a bit improvement in the last few months in the degree of difference between right and left so that’s encouraging. My overall balance is also a lot better for the most part. I may eat my words tomorrow morning when I’m attempting pistol squats but for now…let’s call that a win.

Obstacle course training starts next week so I’m sure I’ll have some good stuff to share from that.

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