Fukumoto Friday: Week 27

Welcome to unilateral training phase. This phase, I’m back to doing 2 classes per week instead of 3. I really loved getting 3 solid workouts in a week but budget-wise, it’s just not logical right now for me to sustain that. I’m sad but I also know I will get in that 3rd workout at home so it’s not a complete loss.

My very first training phase had me doing one unilateral workout per week and boy how I have progressed since then! I could barely hold a modified side plank. I struggled with it because my core was so weak and so wrecked from big babies, c-sections and a fear of making my diastasis worse. Thankfully, my body has recovered nicely and though I’ll always have to be careful, I can honestly say my core has never been stronger and that includes life before babies. Booya! I definitely know I’ve come a long, long way in the past 6 months and am getting stronger with each phase but the real validation comes when we do a movement we haven’t done in a few months and I can really see where I’m at versus the last time we did that movement. It’s pretty much amazing and I’m happy and hope to continue to progress.

I’ve also now done over half my charity burpees which is great. Being sick all last week and not quite 100% this week really derailed my ultimate plan but thankfully, I’ve been able to carve out some time to put a dent in the total. I should be able to get the rest done with time to spare. We had some beautiful weather this week, after the unfortunate snow incident last weekend so I was able to do a bunch outside which is soooooooo much nicer. Still not much fun doing them alone but that’s ok. We can’t have it all :)


The headband speaks only the truth...
The headband speaks only the truth…
I can fly!!! Oh wait...I can't.
I can fly!!! Oh wait…I can’t.

So goals for this phase are pretty simple: strengthen up the weaker side and keep that core engaged and strong!

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