Firmoo-ing my way to better vision

Disclaimer: I was provided with a pair of prescription glasses at no cost to myself in exchange for posting an honest review of my experience with Firmoo and the quality of the product. All opinions are my own.


I have horrible vision. Without glasses or contact lenses, I can’t see a darn thing. My hubby gets a kick out of the fact that I have to pull my alarm clock right up to my face if I want to be able to see what time it is. I’ve been wearing glasses or contacts since grade 7 and have hated every minute of it. Dry eyes, glasses that don’t stay put, sometimes forgetting to take my contacts out and waking up with my eyes glued shut (yeah…it’s as awesome as it sounds), it’s not fun to have crappy eyesight.

What is even harder for me to swallow is the expense of having bad eyes. Between glasses and contacts, our very meager insurance coverage for vision barely covers the cost of my yearly eye exam so we are often paying for these things out of pocket. As such, the last time I got new glasses was before I had kids….yeah, it’s been awhile.

I knew I was long over due for an updated pair and prescription but I truly despise shopping for glasses. I’d prefer bathing suit shopping and not because I think I look great in one of those things either (we can discuss the ins and outs of my cellulite and varicose veins another time…). Between a heavy prescriptions, skin that is allergic to common metals (I can only wear plastic or stainless steel or titanium otherwise my skin eats the finish off the temples…yum), the end result is hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent on something I only wear about 10% of the time. I don’t like working out in glasses and with little hands constantly grabbing at me, the last thing I want are my $500 glasses getting destroyed when my kids jump all over me.

Don’t even get me started on the idea of shopping for glasses with 3 kids in tow *shudders*

When Firmoo asked if I’d review their glasses and offer my thoughts, I figured I had absolutely nothing to lose. And I didn’t!


About Firmoo:

Firmoo is an online eyeglass retailer. You look online, you purchase online and the glasses are delivered right to your front door. The process is pretty simple and takes very little time once you’ve selected your frame.

Now, buying glasses online can be risky. What if they don’t look good? Firmoo does have a feature that allows you to upload a picture of yourself and “try” their different frames on to see how they look (any excuse for more selfies, right??). I used one of their “models” with a similar shaped face for mine to “try” the glasses on and then measured the specs of the frames compared to the glasses I already owned.

The Pros:

  • It didn’t take long to find a pair that I thought would be suitable and the ordering process was really easy.
  • There was a decent selection of frames to choose from.
  • The cost really couldn’t be matched for me. Because I don’t wear my glasses all the time, I’m never looking for something super fancy. I’d rather invest that money into good contact lenses. This option allows me to save money and still have a cute pair of glasses.
  • I was really surprised at how well I could see out of my glasses. I know, I know…isn’t that the point? I’ve always been weary of online ordering on the cheap because with my high index prescription, it wouldn’t take much to warp the lens in a way that would render the glasses unwearable for me. The fact that I can see perfectly with my high rx (-7.00 for those in the know about such things) is a major plus.
  • Fast delivery. I think my glasses were ordered, made and delivered in less than 10 days. That’s a similar turnaround time to my glasses here and I didn’t have to leave my house once to get them. This includes UV protection and anti-glare so it’s not like I had a basic plastic lens put in.

The Cons:

  • You do have to take some measurements to ensure the lens is properly cut for your eyes. I worked for an optical company for several years in university so I was familiar with the measurements and how to take them. There are instructions on what to do but this can be daunting for someone with no experience.
  • Because they are mail delivered, you will likely have to go to an optical store to have them adjusted. I needed the temples adjusted so they wouldn’t fall off my face every time I looked down.
  • The quality of the frames is not going to be top-notch. I put this in the cons because obviously, quality is important but in all honesty, if you’re paying under $70 for a frame, you really shouldn’t be expecting indestructibility. I expect these to last me awhile and have been wearing them a lot more around the house but I also know that they may not withstand little hands pulling at them. Only time will really tell on that front.
  • As always, because I was asked to do this review, I know that my order was placed on a more priority status. I don’t have any reason to expect it to take way longer as a paying customer but I feel that I need to throw that out there anyway.


Overall, I’ve had these glasses for a couple of weeks and I’m pleased with them. I have been able to wear my glasses a bit more which gives my eyes a break from constantly wearing contact lenses and my 3 year old always tells me my glasses look really nice so I’m pretty sure I’m winning all around.


If you’re interested in trying out Firmoo for yourself and are a new customer, you can get 50% off. Click here to get the code which you can apply at check out.

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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

28 Responses to Firmoo-ing my way to better vision

  1. Great glasses. Glasses have come so far in style and wearability. My sister works for vision works and they have super cute frames. Makes me wish I wore glasses sometimes

  2. Wow I love these frames on you – they are perfect!! I don’t wear glasses, but think that might change soon. I’m so glad glasses have gotten more stylish over the years, since I remember those big rimmed glasses I had as a kid!!

    • I think I probably had some of those awesome rimmed glasses when I was younger! I’m afraid to look at pictures lol! Frames have definitely come a long way, thank goodness!

    • I was nervous as well because of my thick rx but I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely everything fit and was lined up. The hard thing is having to take the measurements yourself.

    • Thanks! I almost feel stylish! But then I look down at my worn out yoga pants and oversized tee and remember who it is that stares back at me in the mirror 😉

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