Fukumoto Friday: Week 14

As we’re approaching the end of this training phase (one week left after tomorrow), I gotta say, I’m feeling really good. A lot of the movement that I struggled with at first (when EVERYTHING was new) is becoming a lot easier. I’m also very aware of where my weaker spots are (cough, cough, right leg, cough, cough left arm). It’s been really good to see those imbalances because it gives me the opportunity to focus on evening them out.

I also love when that I can look back at something I did a couple of months ago that was really hard and see how far I’ve come. It’s reassuring because it means that not only is the training working but that I’m putting in the effort and working hard too. Adding in a third workout during the week has been great. It’s not as much fun doing it by myself in my scary 70’s inspired basement but I’m making it work and I love it. I think the highlight of my week is definitely finally being able to do proper, unassisted pushups!!! They aren’t pretty but I can do about 3. Totally pumped! I couldn’t do a single one at the beginning of the month. One step closer to re-gifting my snazzy red bracelet back to the gym *happy dances*. I’m already thinking ahead to next month and what my goals will be. I will definitely make it my goal to do a third workout at home every week on top of running.

Finished. In more ways than one.
Finished. In more ways than one. Classic Aerosmith FTW!

Meal Prep this week went well. I love this challenge and seeing all the delicious food other people are making as well. You can definitely tell that it’s been cold out because there are a lot of soups being enjoyed by the Fukumoto FitFam.

Speaking of soups…we still have two shopping days left in our month and with both boys birthdays (Mr. O turned 3 yesterday and my oldest turns 5 tomorrow…gah!), the budget is quickly getting eaten up knowing I’ll be feeding more than just us. I’m going to have to get really creative with our eating over the next bit to ensure we’re using up what’s already in our pantry and trying to keep our purchases to perishables as much as possible.

Eaaaaaaat meeeee!
Eaaaaaaat meeeee!

My new recipe last week was a falafel patty. Good thing they were good because the recipe made a lot! I also made the black bean veggie burgers that I love, cooked beans up for freezing (HUGE money saver BTW), made up some waffle mix for waffle Sundays, and black bean salsa soup->my go to when money is tight. We’ll be eating a lot of this in the coming weeks :P)

Going into the last week of the challenge, I’m still under budget on groceries for the month (though last week was a whopping $200 bottom line. Ouch) but I need to stretch out every cent. Doesn’t look like I’ll be making a trip to Costco this month either. I suspect to keep everything on budget, I’ll be hitting up the local bulk store to keep things under control.


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Stephanie is a Canadian Mom of 3, Runner, Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), Christ-follower and all around reeker of awesomeness. When she's not chasing after her kids, you can find her dreaming big dreams and bringing them to life.

28 Responses to Fukumoto Friday: Week 14

  1. Good for your for keeping such a close eye on your food budget and making the most of it. I need to do better at that myself! Nice to see progress with your training! YAY!

  2. I know it’s easier to stick to my food budget when my husband and kids don’t go shopping with me. I tested that theory and we spent a LOT more when they were with my the other day than when I go alone!

    • I’m the total opposite! I spend less when I have 2 of my 3 kids with me. They take up so much room in the cart and you never know when/if a meltdown will ensue so I shop as fast as I can!

  3. I keep meaning to make my own falafels – Do you have the recipe you used? I keep meaning to do meal prep but it just never happens. I have a general budget I try to stay in for shopping. I just got a costco membership though which has actually helped me save a bit because I go longer between shopping trips!

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